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Justin Bieber Believe Tour Concert Tickets on Sale May 2012

Sorry folks. Still trying to catch up on the Bieber news that I’ve missed during the last week while I was away from Belieberland. Even though some stuff are late I’m not gonna miss anything important so you don’t miss anything important. And this announcement from Scooter that Justin’s Believe tour tickets are going on sale in May is definitely important.

I’m definitely going to Justin’s upcoming concert. Are you?

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  • #trubelieber

    I really hope he comes to China this time. He didn’t come here last time :`(

    • Anonymous

      he did i went to his concert in hong kong

      • whitney

        everyone hates u and u are a bum boy

        • Anonymous

          no he is not so shut ya fat gob

        • missbieber

          lol keep on hating gurrrl, your just making him more famous πŸ™‚

        • jasmin

          yo, ‘anonymous’…your a prick..shut the fuck up.

        • mae

          no hes not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Amber

          That’s really mean, so just piss off k. no one likes you Whitney. justinbieber followed his dreams, but you just followed your ass all the way around.

        • Anonymous

          No bro he is freaking amazing and about everyone loves him!! But i guess about NOBODY likes or loves you so u can be hatin!!

        • lauren&laura

          you need to grow up you imature little girl
          dont comment if youve got nothing nice to say
          just cos u cur get no 1 like him
          your a little fat girl just because your fat dont call it no one else
          your selfish perfetic waste of space SNM.

        • ILOVEJB



          you think its okay to go around saying that? well its not you only say it because your jelous and you think more people will like you but guess what..thats not happening no one will like you if you go around making stupid pathetic and immiture comments like that about the most famous boy in the world so get ur head out your fat ass and see what your missing out on.

        • ella

          Why Are you on this website

        • Anonymous

          he is not a bum boy

        • Scarlott

          How does everyone hate him? he has one of the biggest fan bases in the world so if you think that means everyone hates him you got something wrong with your head love you got to sort your self out babe cuz if you really hate him why the fuck are you on this website? exactley so fuck off whitney yeah!!

        • Katie.

          God You Chicken! Yeah Whitney Fuck Off! Yeahh! Init Kev! Justin Bieber Is Bloody Amazing. You Dare Say Something Like That Again You Big Ball Of Fucking Fluff.

        • Scarlott

          You Go Kate we will show that mother fucker abit or 2! so dont you dare say anything else about justin or else you fat c***:@

        • xx

          u little slag

        • Elena

          im not being funny but why would you come onto justin biebers fan page and say abuse? you are obsessed maybe even more obsessed that us beliebers, so get a grip and move on douche bag.

        • jasmin

          everyone hates you aswell, your a sad prick. fucking grow up you sad, pathetic cow.

        • Jemillia

          lmao, why are you on a bieber fan page if you hate him so much? looooool, bitch please πŸ™‚

        • BeiberBitches


      • ptprety

        tots i was there like foreal

      • jennifer salinas 33 yrs old

        hi and good evening.i just wanted to know how long does justin bieber concerts last for? iam taking my 6 yr old to one in jan of 2013 it starts at 7 but iam wondering at what time does the concert finish.

        • madigan

          Justin’s concerts usually last around 2 and a half to three hours.

    • caitlin tipton

      i hope he comes to the bryce jordyn center cuz i really want to see him in concert because he is so awesome and i realy hope he comes please im a bieebette

      • whitney

        i hate u

        • saira

          i love him

        • beth

          same here, i want to go to his tour sooooo soooo much!!! xx

        • JBlover :]

          Same here. I love Justin so much that my room has Justin Bieber stuff everywhere

        • i love jb

          same here i’m going to his concert in auckland sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exited i can’t wait:)

        • jasmin

          your a fucking sad prick ‘whitney’… get a fucking life you twat.

        • Mrs Annabelle bieber

          Errrrrrrrr shut ur face or I will

    • Anonymous

      he’s coming to the uk:D

      • Anonymous

        Yeaah and i can’t wait

        • Anonymous

          me either i really want him to go to boston

        • Elena

          do you know how much the tickets will be?

        • Tayibah

          Me to I can’t wait,

        • mae

          d any of us no the dates for newcaslte <3

        • Ellie Roxburgh

          He better come IPswitch πŸ™ I’ve been waiting 5 years to meet him I’ve seen him grow up and I pray to see the real him <3
          Ps I love you justin.
          Yesterday when I was getting bullied yesterday I just thought of you and you gave me strength no to fight bk just to not say anything because it just make things worse ,in the future there children will maybe screaming my name.
          #Idol – From Ellie Roxburgh.

        • Mrs Annabelle bieber

          I get bullied and I always think of Justin and that he must have been strong to get the where he his so that gives me herbs strength to fight back but then the punch me xxx

      • Anonymous

        stfu hes mine

        • Anonymous

          Hes hardly yours, you dont own him.

        • Lexi

          can someone see if justinbieber is coming to virginia beach plz bc i dont know where to go

      • elle watson

        wooooooooooo cant wait to see him again in the uk, gonna camp out for the tickets, yeeeeeeee buddy..

        • Cara

          Omg is he coming to the UK? Where abouts?! Please tell me would appreciate it more than ever. I live in Scotland so had no way of going to his My World tour, and I actually felt like crying because it’s my favourite album, still is, and then seeing how amazing it was in the Never Say Never Movie. I just hope he comes to Scotland, because I’ve been a Belieber since the start and will be till the end.

        • Hannah

          He is going to London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham πŸ™‚

        • dalia

          omg are you sure he’s coming? when are the tickets going on sale in the UK?
          do u know if hes coming to scotland?

        • Anonymous

          i dont know if he is coming to scotland, i tried to look online adn it pointless sorry x

      • paris

        i hope he comes to nottingham

        • beth

          i hope he come to london xxx

      • @β™•King Justinβ™•

        Is he?? X

        Follow me on twitter!
        @β™•King Justinβ™•

      • beth

        when is he???

      • lauren

        do you know the dates yet? and when the tickets come out? x.

    • BELIEBERforever

      i hope he comes to pennsylvania

    • Anonymous

      i love u jb ive got lunch box bag necklace tattos 19 posters and jb bedding also earings never give up never say never xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • berna

      hey i hope you come to kancess city pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come to kancess city on june 9 2012 plz if u come i will be so HAPPY and i will like cry if i go to your concert plz plz plz come on june 9 2012 plzzzzzzzz at like 7;00 or 6;00 i dont care if i have to watch somthing and that time i rather go to your concert plz come to kancess city mo please if i ever see u i will cry because i LOVE U. by the way i love the song boyfriend u did good i LOVE u

    • Anonymous

      i hope he comes to portland oregon i love you

    • Anonymous

      Its a world tour i think he will!xxx

    • Anonymous

      woder why..

    • Angie

      Yeah, me too. My friend went to his concert when he cam to Hong Kong but I wasn’t able to go so I hope he comes to Hong Kong or China but I really want him to come to Macau!!!

  • Brenda

    I’m starting to save up already. I saw him when he came to Montreal in dec 2010 and it was the best concert ever!

  • Ricky Bieber

    Yes I’m so excited! the first concert I went to he was sick (shown in Never Say Never) and he had to postpone the show! I’m saving up all my money to see it more than once!

    • Anonymous

      Tu a vraiment pas eu de chance !!

  • Swagg

    i don’t really know i hope he will come to Germany cause i am in Germany a lot this year:D and my relatives there would really like to see him:)

    • sharna

      omb <3 xxx love u justin xxxx

      • sharna

        love u millions justin please come to liverpool first <3

  • alexandria


    • Myworldbelieber

      OMB!! That’s a fan I wouldn’t beat up anyone for making fun of him simpliy because that’s mean. I do say something in their face so they can shut up. I LOVE JUSTIN DREW BIEBER TOO!:)can’t wait for his concert it’s going to be EPIC! Gonna stay up late if I have to to get those tickets!

    • JBlover :]

      I hear u Alexandria. I’m the same way πŸ˜€

  • lol i didnt know this! so this months paycheck and 400 from last month ( if i need it) is going to floor seats. doesn’t anyone find it kind of funny though that his tickets are going on sale and his tour is set before the cd has even come out yet lol

    • zoe

      hey when the tour?

      • JBlover :]

        idk but the tickets go on sale June 2, 2012 if u to get some

    • Myworldbelieber

      Not Really! It’s Justin.. One direction has their concert tour dates for 2013 already and there going on sale. Justin has his concert during the fall starting September and his tickets have not gone on sale yet. As long as he announced a tour I’m excited!! Can’t wait and $400 will get you good seat but not floor. I remember my world tour front row and row seats were $800 and more. VIP with parking was $1200 around that high price… It’s Justin Drew Bieber!

  • TapangaBieber

    I Hope He Comes To Ny I rEALLY do if he dont ill sue his ass lmaooo i love him lol what i like about him
    hes beatyfull hes has white teeth n he glows n hes just perfcet i wish i was selena i m both there biggest fans oh n justin was born 1994 march 1st Trusday At 12:54am n his name is justin drew bieber n he has a baby bro n sis n his dads name is jermey n his mom patty hahahahahahah i no all about him fav food spagiite n meet balls candy sour patch kids hunter fav color blue n purple kk hahahaha i no himmmmm better then u

    • Anonymous

      accually its justin drew bieber london ontario canada st. judes hospital second floor room 126 march 1st 1994 12:56 am on a tuesday it was raining 7 pound 11 ounces delivered by dr. simon bexleham. so im pretty sure i know him better than you.

      • Anonymous

        Haha this is funny. Justin doesn’t care weather you know the most about him I’m sure if he wanted tO date you You’d have to be 1.mature and 2. Legal.

        • Anonymous

          right, js justin is mine and im gonna get the tickets before you. so… smd

        • i love jb

          i already have tickets so shame anonymous

        • i love jb

          haha i have acsess to get tickets 5 days befor the go on sale

    • true beliebe

      he was born at 12:56 not 54 hahah ????

    • unknown

      ummm i fink peple would no more den dat,

      • unknown

        ummm some peple r a bit stalkerish

    • Anonymous

      ummm no sorry u dont

  • Lena

    I hope he comes to Alaska this time! It’s the only state in the US that he didn’t go to on the My World tour! -_-

    • Anonymous

      he didnt go to kansas >.<

      • Kk


  • lulu

    justin please come to jeffersoncity or columbia please i llove you

    • Anonymous

      no justin come to kirton;)

  • sara

    I just wish I get really good seats for the believe tour its my first justin bieber concert, Its gonna be a good one hopefully justin bieber’s amazing xx

    • lulu

      what city do you live in u got tickets right what state and city

    • Myworldbelieber

      Same here its my first concert and I really wish for good seats!:) hopefully floor and VIP. I want to meet him so bad. Hopefully all the beliebers get to meet him one day!:)

  • Taylor C.

    Hey this roles I think Justin should be dating us and not Selena.who’s with me just hit the green thumb and reply I’m Justin’s #1fan love ya all and totally Justin tell me what you think.I what to be famous so here is a song that I wrote here it goes.”it does not matter if your tall or short your just you and you don’t have to be any person you dont want to be you go any were you just be you because you don’t let any one bully you you are you are you you be you you have friends by you always and that is you”so tell me what you think.I’m on your side.

    • Myworldbelieber

      I agree he shouldn’t be dating her but if it makes Justin happy it makes me happy. I felt like she was using Justin for popularity which worked if that’s what she wanted. If she breaks up with Justin she doesn’t know what’s coming. Your songs alright it doesn’t rhyme much but it’s a good song. ” if you wanted me to be your girl I can take through a twirl hug you kiss you miss you everyday. I would talk about you with my friends make sure our love trends. I love you forever and lets no one change that fact… That fact… That faaaccctttt” that’s my short song I just made. It’s worse but whatever I just made it quickly in 5 minutes

  • Taylor C.

    This is to tapangabieber you copyed that from a book because I have every book and that is from the book so you are not his number one fan I’m because I have every book and every C.D so don’t list to him he is a faker he is so stupid Hoover damn to you.

    • Myworldbelieber

      Well no belieber is considered a number one fan. Come one the book doesn’t say about the doctor it’s a made up one . Not even Justin knows if you asked him. The date and time and room is correct but not the doctor. The tapangabieber needs to stop being selfish like she is the number one fan! Come one it’s about the concert not about which fan is better!! Get a long! Stop thinking your a better fan than everyone else on this website YOUR NOT!! Not even me and I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the only number one fan…. We are are own fan no one else is.

  • becky bieber

    i really home he comes to cardiff/birmingham ,jb you have never been to cardiff before and it is brilliant i have seen you in concert in bermingham before but once isnt enough because your to good!!xoxo

    • Anonymous

      some of us havnt even seen him once >.<

      • JBlover :]

        That’s me. I havn’t even seen him once

  • Samara

    I really really hopes he comes to New Zealand. If he doesnt i will cry

    • sharna

      please follow mer on twitter justin i love you @sharnairving xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • mrsSharnaBieber xx

        i love you millions justindrew<3

    • Anonymous

      Just found it funny to see someone else thats from NZ πŸ™‚

    • JBlover :]

      I think he is coming to New Zealand.

  • Vikrant_true_Belieber

    Hey belieberz nd yal ! I m justins bigest evr boy fan ! I wish he shud come 2 india cause hs fans r rapidly increasin here πŸ™‚ if he comes dn i vud surly buy tix for him ! Til dat- i m proud 2 b a BELIEBER. Luv u justin

    • Anonymous

      i think it is really cool that you are a lad and like justin, everyone should he is sooo amazing…..<3

      • JBlover :]

        I hear ya. Everybody should love Justin because he is so amazing. :]

  • Chelsea

    He Better Be Coming To Ireland <3

    • MrsSharnaBieber xx

      I hope he comes to liverpool again i love him so much he is my life world air everything love u justin your my intire life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • emma

    how much do the tickets cost, for when he comes to australia in brisbane?

    • Anonymous

      i really really hope he comes to brisbane!!!!!!! i missed it lasttime and i really really what to c him!!!!!! what r the dates?!?!

  • lauren

    cant wait till you come on tour, im coming to see you in concert , woooooo

  • Bieber-fever-girl

    OMG, pleaaaaseee!! im in love with justin <3 Guys so many more people are moving on, we need heapppps of fans to keep justin the best! hes my favorite person, i love him; PLEASE come to melbourne justin! i love you and i couldnt live with out you, all the fans know there is just a feeling you get when we see his face or listen to his music <3 Love you justin! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • emma may

    i really wish Justin will come to Manchester this year i have to see him again he was awesome last time and love him so much πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Taylor Bieber/Corris :D


  • TaylaBabe

    does anybody know if he’s performing in New Zealand?

  • Sarah

    Heyy Guys πŸ™‚ I’m a masive Justin Bieber fan πŸ™‚ have been for 3 years! Jw if anyone knows why he is coming to London next week? I know its to promote Boyfriend, but does anyone know where he is going to go and what he is doing and stuff? I will be very grateful if anyone could tell me what he is going to be doing πŸ™‚ Much love to all the Beliebers around the world xxxx

  • Sarah

    I dont know if your reading this Justin but Justin I love you so much. I first fell in love with you 3 years ago when I saw you performing at wembley with Taylor Swift. You were so cute, yet so talented. I then saw you at the Summer Time ball, the Never say never premier at the O2, when you performed at the O2, when you won at the Brits I went out and saw you. The last time I saw you was the 7th November 2011 at stratford Westfield. I camped out from 2:30am until 9am!!! I didnt go to school πŸ™‚ Hehehe. I love you so much, your so town to earth, B-E-A-U-T beautiful!!!! Your voice just gets better and better with each song you do! Your amazing, I love how your friends and family still mean the absoloute world to you and how you havent turned into some Diva. The way you act with Selena is just so cute! I hope your happy Justin, no matter who your with as long as they make you happy I dont care that its not me! I dont see how some Beliebers think by being horrible to your girlfriend, the one you love it will make you go for them or what ever they think, it will make you hate them, I think its so stupid how some girls are when your with a girl.

    I think your a great person, your amazing, so talented and everything you do is just great.

    The believe Charity you started, is so kind and genoures of you. I love how you try to give back.

    On the night I saw you at westfeild, you said christmas is all about giving back, As I walked out with my friend I saw this homeless man, with a little dog, it was such a cold night, so I brought him food, drink and things for his dog and gave him Β£10 and it was only little but he was so grateful for it. That was the way I wanted to thank God and you for being able to see you.

    I am a catholic and God is an important role in my life and the way you still believe in God, in this day and age, because I know how hard it is being a catholic in todays society, it helps me be a better Christian.

    Your my idol Justin. I think your great.

    I love boyfriend, and I know Believe is going to ba amazing. I didnt think you could top Mistletoe but you did!!! Your great.

    I wish you and Selena all the luck in the world. ( I also love call me maybe) I wish Carly Rae Jepson all the luck in the world.

    Please please follow me on Twitter I’ve been trying to 3 years! Your the only reason I have twitter. @SarahBieber497

    See you at your next concert in London, will be getting tickets for every night πŸ™‚

    I love you so so much, please dont ever change. Forget about the haters, I only judge you on the music, but your such a great person so theres no need to be judgmental on your personal life, because everything you do it great!!!!! Your have 20,000,000 beliebers and probably more!

    I love you so so so so so so so so so so very much.

    All my love

    Sarah Gallagher (from London, England) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Aurora


    • mnm

      how did you do that smiley face Aurora
      by the way im from Australia

      • mnm

        are u coming to Australia justin? πŸ™‚

  • I hope you Come to New Zeland JB I <3 U Kisses

    • i’m Like your biggest Fan jb

      • JBlover :]

        Me 2. I Love JB so much :]

      • JBlover :]

        Me 2. I Love him so much that I am going to his concert in November

  • Justin on Google I Looked on something and they said you landed at Auckland on the 15 of April

    • mrsSharnaBieber xx

      justin i love you millions your my life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :*

  • i love you Kisses ;'(

  • I love you very much and I just wanna kiss you on the cheek ;'( I love you and your mum sounds nice by the way I love your smile Boy I love boy I love you I would love to take a photo With you at Your Concert in Auckland were about’s you having your concert in Auckland

  • Gemma

    Deffo going! Going to be amazing! Back stage passes me hopes <3

  • Emily

    Did justin bieber ever perform in Halifax, Canada? I really want him to go there! If anybody knows please please tell me:) xx

  • Justin Bieber is my Life!-Emily

    Hello Justin Bieber ! if you are reading this or get a chance to see this πŸ˜€

    I am just saying you are the most amazing person in the whole wide world! I absolutely love you! I would love and treasure if you come to Perth,Australia again, for another tour ! It would be so amazing ! You bring tears and happiness to all teenagers around the world, and it would mean the world if you came to Australia again to perform, your last concert was the best moment of my life I was in tears by the end of the concert. You have the cutest,hottest most amazing face that I have ever seen! You are adorable and hot! I PLEASE PLEASE I AM HOPING THAT YOU TOUR AGAIN! and that you come to PERTH, AUSTRALIA! I love justin bieber <3 oxoxoxox!!!

  • Krystal

    OMG I cried when I saw this I’m so excited I have to go and get v
    VIP ticket I loveyou JUSTIN xoxo:)

  • Erin-Louise

    i REALLY hope he comes to cardiff (wales) cause i couldnt go last year cause the closest concert was to far away if u get me :/

  • Bieber's Girlfriend


  • Destiny

    i hope he comes to michigan!

  • chambers

    is the believe tour coming to the UK?

  • beth

    hi justin bieber i just fined out having a concert in tampa FL
    and that your tickets are comeing out in may 20 thatis is good for me
    because ilive in tampa FL so that means i cain see you in live
    and that will be my first time to see you in person and allso inlive
    ho and justin i hope you pick me to be on shug with you to be your one lless lonely girl that will make me happy
    im so in love with you you aer so cute and swett
    and a good person and ihave every posters of you in my bed room

  • beth

    justin you are so cute and hot i wish you was my boy frianed
    ho and justin i have a best frianed name bethany she loves you as well
    as me me and her all ways talking a bout you every day one the phone
    we allwats say how cute you are

  • beth

    justin bier ber you are my wrold and my life
    and know how much allofus as your fans we love very much
    and iwish my avery thing but iknow have a girl frianed
    inevery take you way from her
    be cause you love her and she loves you
    so much and im happy for you jb

  • beth

    you have the must nice smail
    every justin bieber im thankin about you what now jb
    i allways cry when i see you on tv are on you tube
    and not just that my heart skeps a beat

  • justin i been onenering about this
    what is your favorite food aver
    i will tiel my favorite food is pizza
    and kfc

  • what are you doing now justin
    well im rwiching tv and siting
    and hankin about you
    like alwas eveing when i was at school

  • ho i hared your new song called boy frianed justin
    i love that song it is the best
    and the song for ever is good to
    but ilove your songs jb
    thaey all graet songs

  • justin bieber how is your mom and your dad and your little sister
    and also how areyou doing justin
    and i have a tshrit of you and in waeering it to your concter

  • justin can tiel your girl frined selena gomaez that isaid hi
    she is sow cool like you are justin
    and you are amazing jb
    and you cuys are so cute to gether

  • when ever you smail i smal justin bieber
    im gonna tael one time that ilove you jb
    wowow iknow you love me i kno caer waerr i should be thaer
    babay no like baby wow thogt you was always would be maien

  • justin bieber you are super hot
    and i justi love you so much
    and i caell my self mrs bieber a lot

  • ilove your brown eyes
    and your samel
    all so yor voice
    and your haier
    your laght

  • and justin you are so amzing jb
    i swal you are funny momets
    and you walkdit in to the door
    i felt bad for you

    • i been whating for you to have conter in fl
      justin and now i can see you
      in live first time

  • justin bieber
    the must amizing person
    ever in the wrold

  • justin bieber have you been to lA
    be for
    if you have can you teal me what it is like tharer

  • justin you are sexy and you know it jb
    and you like michael jackson music i hared jb

  • justin bieber you are my must singer
    ever jb you are good person

  • you aer good at sing
    justin bieber
    you have a graet voive justin

  • bieber fever forever

    i love justin soooooooooooo ssssssssooooooooooo much and i really want to go to his concert i have been to 3 already and he is so amazing i hope he comes to hawick <3

  • megan

    he has to come to Sevenoaks it a legend town cant wait till believe tour :O :p

  • Justin'a Girlfriend

    i actually cant wait till he comes over to the UK! And untill the tickets come out next monthh! only 6 days till may! its gonna be such a good concert! my love for justin is unreal! CANT WAITTTTTTTTT!!!! Love you Justin!<3Xxxxxxxx

  • Rosie

    please please please come to the bryce jordan center or anywhere else in pa i have been saving money for when your next tour began again please please please!!!!!!

  • hey Justin Bieber can i get concert tickets and be your one less lonely girl please and thank you

  • I love u so much.I hope I can go to your concert! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Demi Ferry.

    OMG yessssss!! Will he be touring in the Uk/manchester or newcastle, and were would i be able to get the tickets from? Follow me on Twitter demferry96 LOVE YOU JUSTIN xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Heidi


    • iLoveBieber

      I Kno Right! Theres Haters At My School And I Get So Angry With Them! He’s Amazing And iLoveHim<3

  • iLoveBieber

    I Cant Wait Till He Comes 2 Birmingham!!<3 Like If You Love Justin! I Kno I Do'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • mykayla roberts

    is justin bieber coming to adelaide in 2012?

  • alex

    How much are the tickets and where is it going to be?

  • Jadekirkham nz xo

    Oh my god Justin xo

    I cant say I’m your biggest fan, no one can really but I am omega excited aboout your concert in Auckland I’m determined to get tickets, my life would be over if I didnt. I hope your ticket sales come on soon . Zomg excited :3
    I llove you Justin my life would be complete if I meet you like no joke i would pay sdfkjftyhnuyhnmh any ammount or meet or see you but ofcourse nothing like that evers happens to me, I bet you wont even read this ;'(

    Love you Justin xo <3

  • Jjada

    Does anyone know if Justin is coming maybe to Madison, Wisconsin

  • tunisian belieber

    i’m from tunisia and i hope that justin will come to my country one day he didn’t visited us yet w are great belibers here and we need you

  • emily

    i hope you come to Brisbane Australia

  • holss

    im so excited that he is coming to the UK again!! i saw him in March 2011 and cant WAIT to see him again!!<3

  • Anonymous

    Hope it comes to Ireland again!<3

  • hannahcorlynstien

    hey justin bieber i want to see you so bad ok lol?

  • hannahcorlynstien

    my name is hannah corlyn stien ok lol i love you so much ok lol?

  • Dhaka

    Please come to Austin, Texas!!!!

    • Becca Lee

      Hell ya!!!!! Come to Austin <333

  • Anonymous

    where do you buy justin bieber tickets from, online in australia? and what date is he touring here?

  • sammy

    I love jb when are they selling he ticket

  • Becca Lee

    Austin Texas is where its at biebs(;

  • Brogan'Bieber

    Hope he comes to sheffield….it would be a nice birthday present from my dad:D<3<3<3<3

  • sarah

    Dear Justin,
    if you dont come to adelaide,
    i’ll tell selena i left my panties in your car.
    yours sincerely,
    belieber πŸ™‚ x

  • sharna


  • georgina


  • sharna

    1st march 1994 nat 12;56 am on a tuesday in st judes hospital ontriono canada he wayed 7pound11 love you justin drew<3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  • Georgia Hales

    When do the New Zealand tickets come on sale? πŸ™‚ <3 x

  • megan bieber

    omg can’t wait for justin to come out with his believe tickets i love him so much

  • ellie

    i would come to glasgow this month

  • ellie

    i love him so much and i love how hard he works on his tours

  • Ashton

    ahhhhh… justin i love you and i live in montana and i know there are tons of girls that love. you you need to come to Montana

  • Anonymous

    i hope he comes to belfast πŸ˜€

    • Anonymous

      people do u know wen the tickets r gonna come out to his tour ???? in belfast thanks xx πŸ˜› love love love

  • oscarjunior

    does he coming this years 2012

  • Maryam

    Soo exited when he comes to the USA!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • yesica

      when does he come??? when does he come to kansas cityy??? i NEED to know please tell me

  • yesica


  • Anonymous

    i just luv justin bieber i no all his lyrics to all of his song especailly boyfriend and I’m so excited to to this years concert 2 justin biebers
    I’m going to be at the very front HOW GREAT IS THAT AGGGGAHHHHHH

  • Kate D.

    does anyone if hes coming to ireland ?

    • Sophie Shemmell

      i think he is…<3

  • Sophie Shemmell

    So When is he coming to birmingham because i really wanna see him :'( and if i can’t see him i will cry because i want V.I.P <3 Because i love himmm!!!!<3

  • Ayesha khan

    Please I really need to no if Justin biebers tour is out someone send me the link xx

  • rhianna fenwick

    hey,what day to justin bieber tickets go on sale?&does he come to newcastle, metro radio arena?because i really really really want to see him!how much would the tickets be?xo

  • sweetbelieber

    i REALLY hope i get tickets for believe if i dont i will cry and cry :'( xxx when will we find out the exact date the tickets come out?

  • sweetbelieber

    I havent been to one of his concertss πŸ™ xxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    What do you guys think would be the cheapest tickets possible lol! I really wanna go if he comes to Kentucky and I’m saving money from all my paychecks but I was just wondering what would be the least possible ticket price?

  • No.1 Belieber

    I just hope Justin can read this and please please please can u show an update when justin’s tickets come on sale.
    Love you justin, xxxxxxxxx
    ur such a charitable person and i truly admire u for that. πŸ™‚

  • Proud Belieber

    Justin pleaze come to Greece(Athens)…pleaze///Greece need justin !!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • MollyMay


  • Swaggy

    When do tickets go on-sale for Ireland πŸ˜€ <3

  • Mrs. Bieber

    I hate when Justin’s maniger pick the gurrls and give them flowers

  • Mrs. Bieber

    How much does the tickets cost

  • Mrs. Bieber

    I<3 you Justin bieber

  • Elena Rose

    i love justin and me and my friend really NEED to go to his concert… does anyone know how much the tickets are cause i need to save up?xxx love you belieber family<3

    • kidrauhl6swaggie

      im pretty sure they come out this week! and normaly 30 to 500 dolarrs πŸ™‚ depends were you sit,

      • annemarie

        i would pay tousands to meet JUSTIN BIEBER

  • kidrauhl6swaggie

    i hate it when beliebers fight on here were suppose to be a family.

  • meganbiebz

    heyy guys, can smeone please tell me when tickets are going on sale, i love him soo much he is amazing, hope he comes to the uk x

  • ameliaa.grande

    i just want the believe tickets to come out! i love justin it might sound sad but he really is my life and i just want to meet him…replyif you know anything about the believe tickets sale dates in the uk thanks BELIEBERS4life<3

  • celina


  • ayleen

    hi justin i love you sooooo much am your 1 fan and i wish you can come to my home but

  • Sami Bieber

    I went last year and im going to this one to. Justin follows me on twitter and my twitter is @samibieber98 πŸ™‚

  • annemarie

    Does anyone no if justins coming to Ireland

  • I am going to see Justin in 2012 at Manchester and I am going to be the lonely girl on stage bemuse I love him so much and I am going to get some flowers form him

  • Nicole


  • annemarie

    i just want the believe times and places to come out so i can sett out a tent and wait and wait dont no if i can wait any longer x3

  • annemarie

    JUSTIN please come to IRELAND dublin or even belfast i would run miles to see u xx

  • _iRawwrbiebs

    I haven’t been there for my world tour. But I’ll be there for Believe tour.
    I WILL BE THERE! I’ll even stand outside & cry a river; Maybe Scooter or pattie will smuggle me in πŸ˜‰

  • Emily Price

    come manchster xxxxxx please love you xx

  • victoria

    when is justin bieber coming to cincinnatti ohio

  • Gabreelle junkins

    Justin where is the believe concert gonna be ?

  • Gabreelle junkins

    _Rawwrbiebs they probably will if you cry lol πŸ™‚

  • Laura

    i really want JB to come to the Uk and play in newcastle and have VIP tickets i love him :)!

    • JBlover :]

      I want him to have VIP Tickets also because It would be so awesome to meet him.

  • JBlover :]

    I so can’t wait until Justin’s BELIEVE tour. I hope he come to Birmingham

  • JBlover :]

    I so can’t wait until Justin’s BELIEVE tour. Its gonna be sooooooo much fun.

    Love ya Justin!!!!

  • duuurz


    • loveyousomuch

      oh he is def i heard from my aunty who works for him yeyy

  • Zlata

    I hope you will come to Bosnia and Herzegovina πŸ™‚ <3<3<3
    #NSN <3<3<3

  • sugar

    to all the HATERS go fuck ur self just jel cos hes a millionare and your not LOL

  • Grainne

    Justin you should really come back to Dublin,Ireland you a re sooooo loved here so please please please please come back to Dublin<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • loveyousomuch

    is he comin to australia please come ive been looking for tivkets please i need help!!!!!!!1 JUSTIN COME I LOVE YOU ???

  • katie&courtz


  • Anonymous

    if im honest hes not talented hes just a prettyboy and should get stoned to death…

  • Annonymous

    when does he come to the uk?

    • PArdee

      Dunno am tryanna find tht out aswell I think after 5 months x

  • KayLovesChazandJustin

    Cant wait for you to come to dublin πŸ˜€ i will be there

  • justin bieber

    hey people thanks for all the comment u have said about me and i am going on alot of tours this year and i hope to see you people there thanks love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • bieberlover

    i love u justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • PArdee

    To all the haters what ever to all the lovers yay Xc when is jb doing his 2012 UK TOR XXXXX CAN’T WAIT EVERYONE TAKE HIM A PRESENT LOL XX TRUST IT’LL WORK TO MEET HIM

  • sally

    helloooooooooo i ove youuuuu!

  • Courtz

    Its been may and I cant find any believe tickets:(! I have GOT TO see him!<3

  • elishabieberx

    hiya justin you probs dont read all of these messages but oh well, i ust want you to know that i love you to much! (lol) you are an amazing boy (well man now!) you are an insperation to every one and every hater is an idiot they have no reson t bully us beliebers and you! egnore them they are the stupidest fluf balls EVER! i never ever say im the biggest fan but id proberly say im under 4 out of 10 but i know your mum is your biggest fan, please please please please come to manchester or sheffield, i love you to to to to to to to to to oto to t o to t ottotototototototototottotootot to ot to ot ot ot to ot ot ot ot to tot tot to ot ot to to t to to to to to to to to oto much love yo millions xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlove elisha marflitt from hull xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<3<3<Β£<3<3

  • Samadhi Nirmanee Muhandiram

    i have been following bieber before he was famous yet i haven’t gone to one of his concerts yet because well of my little brother has been in hospital, and well i couldn’t have FUN whilst my brother in hospital. But this year 2012, i’m gonna try and go save up work as hard as i can just to see him live, i know he won’t see this but i have sent his facebook fan page my life story. I know i sound uptight. but everyone agree’s everyone should have sunshine to there day/year just to make people smile right, well i listen to bieber ‘never say never’ everyday cause that song just brings me up higher. i want too thank justin drew bieber alot. because if that song hadn’t been playing in the background of the day i attempted, i wouldn’t have been here right now <3

  • omg i love justin beiber i want to try win tickets to see him in sydney i wish

  • NeverSayNever

    Justin Bieber is a great singer and hes cute so all of you that hate him you shouldn’t be commenting since this is a justin bieber fan sight!!!!!!!! “Losers”

  • JBS girl


  • sheeeeeey

    does anyone know if jb is coming to australia for a proper believe tour? thank you so much c:


    i really hope hes going to hongkong