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Justin Bieber heading to Boca Raton, Florida for Pencils of Promises

The teen prince of pop will visit St. Andrew’s School in Boca Raton on today (April 13) to congratulate three students who raised $51,738 for Pencils of Promise, one of Bieber’s favorite charities.

The winning students: Briana Finocchiaro, 12, and her twin siblings, Angelia and Nicolas, ages 9. The siblings raised the money by asking family, friends and neighbors in a web page they set up for the organization. Donations ranged from $20 to $10,000.

Officials at the school, which has students in grades kindergarten through 12th, were tight-lipped about Bieber’s scheduled visit.

Bieber, 18, has been a big supporter and has attended fundraisers for the organization. He has also agreed to visit schools such as St. Andrew’s that help.

“Justin has been our largest individual supporter,” Braun wrote in an email, adding that the singer has brought “huge awareness and momentum towards the issue of education for children in poverty worldwide.”

St. Andrew’s will hold Bieber’s event in the Roberts Theatre, where students in grades 3-8 will attend in addition to 100 upper school students, according to a letter sent to parents. The rest of the school will watch a telecast of the visit in nearby band rooms. The event is expected to run from 1 to 2 p.m.


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