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justin biber selena gomez hot picture marry

Justin Bieber does not want to marry Selena Gomez anytime soon!

justin-bieber-selena-gomez-hot-picture-marryIn a new interview with French newspaper Le Parisien, Justin makes it clear that he is in no hurry to marry girlfriend Selena Gomez.

When asked if he plans to propose to Selena, this is JB’s response:

“One day, I will get engaged, when I will have found the right person in five or ten years. It doesn’t mean that Selena is not the right person though, she is going to kill me if I say that! But I will marry Daisy.”

Ok, I added the “But I will marry Daisy” part but whatevers! Justin is too young to think about marriage now and has his whole life ahead of him. As the picture above says, he needs time to navigate his way through manhood.

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  • @KoKo_SODMG

    Do u guys have a video of the interview or recording? Bravo for him hes young! People themselves aint gettig married tk why the hell are they pressing him to get married. Hes 18! Not 81! Proud of him for finally shutting people up.

    • and just do,nt blog the messages please and just do,nt blog me love david b conway

      • Ashley Myrah

        Want the fuck ass bitch what wow

        • Anonymous

          i hate u

    • Amanda

      I think Justin and selena will afordchinly break up but he loves her to death but his way to young to think bout marriage . Justin is crazy bout another pop star name vennssa hugsdin so we don’t know if he will be with Selena forever he might be with someone else …


      • leslie

        sex is my life

  • Kat

    I’ll marry daisy
    Ok,that means he don’t think about selena only,

    • Aww thanks.

      And yah, he’s also thinking about me 😉 Don’t hate. Congratulate!

      • hi daisy , you do,nt remember me at all my name is david conway , i told you about my 49 th birthday before , love david conway

      • Rosy

        Daisy your so not gonna marry Justin!!! because justin is selena

        • Hey

          It was a JOKE. Justin aint marrying selena either so hush

        • stefani sloan

          No he is my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am in luv with him and he luvs me

        • caoimhe murray

          ok lisen justen is not going to marry any of yous so stop fighting over him anyway every1 has a crush on a popstar but that does not mean he is going to marry u.

        • Anonymous

          Are u mad

  • candy(yea that is really my name)

    YES he not getting married any time soon so happy bout that
    but i do want him to be happy so if he thinks that he has found the right girl and he can’t live with out her then i would be happy for him

    love you jb wish you love <3 <3

    • david b conway

      and just do,nt blog this comment above this comment and do,nt blog me as well please im not a bad guy , here , love david conway

      • Anonymous

        are u sure

  • emily

    okay your not gonna marry any time soon,but please marry with selena gomez later she is the ‘one’!

    • Kat

      U are an idiot. Who are u to tell him who is the one for him? Omg yall girls need help.


        Whe are just talkink I’m not JB fan but I am SELENATOR <3 and i want them both to be happy so Kat shut up

  • Anonymous

    It is going to be like prince william and Katie Middleton all over again. Justin is going to keep Selena waiting forever! She will be known at “sittingselena” or “chilinselen”

    • Hey

      Are u retarded or? What u said made no sense.

    • caoimhe murray

      ok now listen william and kates marriage was a big ting all over britain and jb and selena r only 2 teenagers that r popstars . anyway is it any ting to do with all of yous if they do get married.

  • hmmm.....

    this site over exaggerates sometimes.

    • Hey

      Actually it doesnt. Please enlighten us on the exaggerations please.

  • Emily

    i hope he askes me to marry him lol

  • lola

    He kinda looks like taylor lautner in the pic…

    • lola

      with out the hot bod lol

  • laylalee

    justinbieber why dont you want to marry selena
    she is a good young women

    • Sarah

      He never said he didn’t want to marry her.

      • No. But he did say he doesn’t want to marry her ANYTIME SOON.

    • Hey

      It doesnt matter what she is. Is ur ass getting married ? No okay then

      • stefani sloan

        Hey u ! u do not say that im not married yet but i will marry justin

  • Brittney

    Why do people try to force you to marry its not anybodies choice but yours.

    • Hey


  • Cameryn

    Good Justin! dont marry selena……………………….
    Marry ME! 🙂

  • Jelenas

    I actually wanted Justin to marry Selena cause i tink that she is d perfect girl for him…. BUt i just hope that if they broke up, they both can find someone that can love them… but my main wish is for selena and justin to married!! such a cute and lovely couple!!! love you Jelena

    • Kat

      U need help


        Y does she need help ?


  • Livvy

    I don’t want Selena to marry him! Split up you guys and let Selena have a happy life!
    I don’t even like Justin but I am on this site cuz I was looking at images and I accidentally clicked on the site and it came up with this!

    I am glad u put it off

  • Livvy

    Yes plz don’t marry Selena!
    Good boy Justin..

    Now we have to wait until he moves on or really decides not to EVER!!!

    Her soul should be kept safe from Justin Bieber cuz he is RUBBISH!!

  • Grace

    What is that picture from? I really like it!

  • ani

    married with me justin i am the right person for you hhahhahahahahhaha <3 love you


    I love Jelena 4ever <3 <3 <3

  • jhontel mckinley

    I think that at his age it is early for him to marry but he have to choose fast because time is running fast and Justin choose the right person

    • Marissa Pierre

      Same here, I think he’s very young to marry at least wait like 5 yrs or something whenever u feel ready, but please make a good choice justin and selena! marry someone u will be happy with!! i dont want u to turn into those young couples who run into relationships too quickly and then break up and become depressed, don’t do that to us jelena fans please make the right choice!
      love from marissa

  • vibhuti

    i love u jb …………i,ll meet u soon

  • Marissa Pierre

    Oh, I will never try to push them into doing anything ever but I really love them both and they are so darn cute, I love them so much, and I know they love each other. I heard rumours that they broke up, is that true? Can I get a site link? Whenever they are in trouble or something bad happened, pray for them, because they are just young people trying to enjoy their lives and live their dreams. I am a Belieber and Selenator forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • raiel

      Jusint biber is getting mrie with slen gilez

  • Ashley Myrah

    Want the fuck ass bitch what wow

  • Ashley Myrah