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justin bieber us magazine cover 2012

Justin Bieber featured in US Magazine April 2012

Oh! I didn’t even know this but US Magazine did a feature on Justin in their April issue.

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  • pavan

    Waiting for your ‘boyfriend’ music video

  • zack

    i have not seen this out yet

  • Camille

    I love u Justin
    I can’t whate till your next concert:)
    &i think u and Selena r a really cute couple 🙂 xoxo

    • lennon crowder

      wuts guud homieee measge me back so howws it goin bro keep it safe dawgg peace out 🙂

  • Gillian

    I can’t wate till your new music video to come out ( boyfriend)

  • I want to know what happen with the crazed fan!!!???
    & you and Seleana are a cute couple!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      He got scratched dumb shit

      • Anonymous

        he did? how bad was it?

        • seleana (justins babe

          its was pretty bad guys but he is okay we r praying for him 🙂

    • TrueBieber Babe

      Scared fan was an article from 2011 and the person stabbed was not our Justin Bieber.

  • rgrgregeg

  • Anonymous

    You fucking suck go home and die

    • mel lowry

      you are one of the below average intellect people and you need professional help!

  • Anonymous

    is it true that JB got scratched by some crazed NY fan?

  • Kattie..

    I don like Justin. But I dont hate he. 😀

  • zay

    i love you justin i love

  • seleana (justins babe

    baby i love u an guys thanks for the comments about my boyfriend i love u all great fans ha thxs <3

    • Anonymous

      i hate selena

  • shay

    can you order online ? im from NZ and want this ! 🙂

  • JBlover

    me and me friend think that JB is so so so sexy and hot with a captal H……..and are a big fan of the sexy hair cut he has so much swaggy…hey this is for you JB if i was your girlfriend ill never let you go keeo you in my arms boy you never be alone !!!!!!!!!!!!lol……………….best song ever Boyfriend by JB……..so if you want an crazy to date a crazy JB lover justin bieber me friend is hit and ready to date you here name is Scarlett……hey and she would KISS you if your alone….PS we are going to Knotts this monday LOVE U

    • ME+JB=Miss BIEBER

      girl look at his body AAHH he works out!!!when he walk in the room this is what the he see all the pretty girl looking at him he gots passion in his pants and he aint afraid to show it show it his sexy and he nows it TRUE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE LOVE YOU JB

  • bella

    was justin really stabbed by a crazy man

  • Zazaa

    Ilove u Justin I am 11 and u are good singer if I went to see u I would not fant I would just be happy 🙂 zaria

    • Zazaa

      Hi people that love Justin your the best

  • em mai yeu anh

    justin anh that tuyet em luôn đc bên a và yêu a nhìu lắm . I from Việt Nam where you never gone before, now and maybe is forever but do you know i and all fof belieber vietnam’ll love you. Confidence up and win, believe in life.