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Justin Bieber guest stars on MTV’s RIDICULOUSNESS April 30, 2012

RIDICULOUSNESS features Rob Dyrdek breaking down the internet’s funniest viral videos, with co-hosts Chanel “West Coast” and Sterling “Steelo” Brim. In the premiere episode Justin Bieber guest stars and helps Rob break down the hottest web clips including, “Oh, Canada,” “Humanimals,” “Bieber Hair,” and “Dodging Bullet” among others.

Watch it Monday April 30, 2012 10PM on MTV.

UPDATE: Watch it here.

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  • xxskybirdxx

    i <3 tht show and justin bieber included..time 2 buy the popcorn

  • kaylee

    someone please e-mail me and explain how to “popcorn” someone.
    oh btw, Justin… I love you<3

    • Anonymous

      Yeah how do you popcorn someone?!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know how either. Did you get any usable information or was it all just useless? If it was anything good, please forward it to me because I cannot find the answer anywhere and on Ridiculousness it sounds like it should be common knowledge.

      I hope you got answers!!

  • Jordan

    How do you popcorn someone?!

    • Anonymous

      Get someone to sit on an airbag then flood it with air

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