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justin bieber white cap outfit april 2012

Justin Bieber illegally parked & told to move by Police!

Despite his worldwide fame, Justin Bieber is still obligated to obey the law. The boyfriend of Selena Gomez found himself being told by a Los Angeles police officer to move his $100,000 Fisker Karma on Easter Sunday, April 8 because it was illegally parked outside shops in Beverly Hills, California.

Bieber was strolling along the streets when he was approached by the cop. At the time, the “Baby” hitmaker was wearing a white jacket, matching T-shirt and baseball cap, a pair of blue jeans and sunglasses. The whole incident was captured by paparazzi’s camera, displaying that the officer was all smiles as he explained the situation to the teen singer.

Why is today’s news all about Justin’s Fisker Karma?

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  • Natasha

    Because the car is awesome Daisy…thats why, illegal or not its so cool with the purple lights!! I have orange ones in my car!!! Loved Biebs Silver Surfer car!!! =D

  • kirstIe

    Not a big deal, everyone has parked illegally at least once in their life no big deal at all… I get told all the time down town in my town to move my car. I didn’t know that his lights were purple, that’s AWSOME! If only the lights on my car could be hot pink just like my new paint job that my parents got for me in the fall for my birthday.

  • love justin

    i lv u jb really i do !!

  • lalala

    DAMN nice car!!! im glad hes treated as an equal!

  • Sol


  • LOve

    I love you so much Justin <3 forever <3

  • loren hansch

    you are my idol in swaggy clothing and i dress just like you everyday. you are the man of SWAG i got swag too. when is your next concert in san diego,CA?

  • loren hansch

    where did you get that SWEET CAR? i will be driving next year?

  • hesen quliyev

    bele stil eladida