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justin bieber twitter 20 million followers

Justin Bieber reaches 20 million followers on Twitter!

Just a few minutes ago Justin reached a huge milestone on Twitter. He has surpassed 20 million followers and is the second person in history to ever reach that point, behind Lady Gaga.

Congrats Justin!

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  • Anonymous

    Well Done Justin

  • Ruth chung- BELIEBER4eva

    Justin g0na walk with my head held high… Y0u deserve it… Pr0ud of u my star… : x : x we BELIEBERS g0na supp0rt y0u always..no matter wat. Way 2 go.!!!!

  • good job, Bieber!
    belieber will always support you, no matter what!

  • Mary Loves Justin Bieber

    Let`s try and get his followers up to atleast 30 Million!Let`s try and get it as high as we can!

  • i am following him toooooooooooooo i love you jb 🙂

  • jontrell mccormickj

    didnot like the video