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video justin bieber norway concert may 2012

Video of Justin Bieber’s Concert in Oslo, Norway 2012

All streaming / filming was interrupted by Universal Musics guards due to rights, thats why the cameras was put to the ground before last song.

25,000 crazy teenage girls (and a few fanboys) filled the roof at Oslo`s opera
Oslo has been a complete chaos during Biebers stay in Norway…
Some of the fans have been waiting for at least 12 hours without food and water to see Justin Bieber..

Song 1 “Baby”
Song 2 “All Around The World”
Song 3 “As Long As You Love Me”
Song 4 “Be Alright”
Song 5 “Never Let You Go”
Song 6 “Never Say Never”
Song 7 “Boyfriend”

Last Song “Boyfriend was not recorded.”
Sorry for bad sound…


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  • bieboo

    how lucky they are.. T^T

  • ricka

    wow look you JB i love you so much <333 <3

  • whitney

    he soled take me to piras

  • Hilde

    5000 on the roof, 20 000 in the city, on the other side of the opera, in the parkinglot or on the bridge 🙂
    not 25 000 on the roof

  • Maren


  • venkatesh.jb

    Hey the no1 pop singer in the world ofter the jack. Jjjjjjjjjj bbbbbbb

  • breanna lee

    he is sooo awsome i cant wait intill i go see him!!! hes such a good singer and i freakin love him!!!!!!!!<3 i love you justin drew bieber!:)

    • mrs.bieber

      hyfr 😀 <3

  • jessica

    the school website is not letting me see the picture or video clip, (cant see it because it wont let me). though i dont have too cause wateva it is his face is on it and because his face is on it, its perfect 😉 love you justin
    xo jess

  • Xoxo muuah jstin!.. Jst luv u....

    U r vry cute

  • JS belieber

    I LOVE IT!!! u were amaizing baby!!! 🙂 FOLLOW ME @Jsmirnova_s

  • Akvila. Stevan

    We. Love. You… BIEBER Don’t forget me..

  • biebrlover1994

    i love u justin bieber tell selena i said hi

  • biebrlover1994

    oh and we will meet again when i become a famous singer.seeing what happen to u just inspired me not to give up on my dreams so i am not.thanks for the inspiration.

  • JB bieber

    heyyyxx pip we r all biebers fevers wooooooooooooooo

  • FaRdIn

    i love your never say never song

  • justin bieber

    Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf talk like Alejandra Magana am call (509)430-6261

  • saba

    LOVE YOU music

  • justin bieber

    Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet. Marry English Deaf talk all happy Yes like Alejandra Magana call you

  • Rebecca Bieber

    I love you Justin Drew Bieber <33333333333333333333333 Belieber Forever oxoxoxoxo 🙁 GO GET A LIFE HATERS YOU ALL ARE SO STUPID…… Justin i am your belieber no matter what happens to you baby i will ALWAYS protect you 🙂 My Idol, Hero and Inspiration <333333333333333333 Belieber and Justin = family

  • belieber

    i love you

  • Chung Pokorney

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