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Why I Hate MTV

Well it’s kinda hard to write a post about a video that you can’t even watch. Why does MTV block Canadians from watching these videos? Why? We have MTV here too. And these are just short clips. Makes absolutely no sense why they block us lovely innocent Canadians. They didn’t use to before a year ago.

I watched MTV First yesterday for the premiere of Boyfriend and all I remember Justin saying was that he and his crew like to hit each other’s balls in the elevator. (Crossing my fingers that that’s in the clip of the video above or below.)

And I’m guessing in this video he says that his next single is called “As Long As You Love Me”. Sorry all I can do is guess.

Btw if you all don’t know. MTV in Canada sucks big time. Why? Because they don’t play any music videos at all. Imagine that. “MUSIC TELEVISION” in Canada plays absolutely no music on your television… EVER!

Go MuchMusic!!

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  • Heather

    it’s okay. they don’t play music on MTV here either. and we don’t even get Much Music. We have VH1 but that’s not much better than MTV.

  • emma

    Here, in Spain, we also have MTV, but we are blocked to those videos too. Its senseless!!

  • Swagg

    Here in Germany we could see the second video but the first one is blocked too.
    But we also can’t watch the BOYFRIEND VIDEO and that’s a BIGGER Problem:(

  • maria

    I can see both videos from argentina! it’s strange that u have that problem!

  • John

    Rven Much Muisc does not play musc videos that much anymore

  • Yeah,its not just canada that it blocks?It blocks like eeverywhere else apart from the USA.We in the Uk cant watch it either-ITS SO STUPID