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justin bieber girlfriend perfume 2012

Buy Justin Bieber perfume GIRLFRIEND & get free VIP Tickets!

I’m still slowly getting into being back in world of Belieberland. So much has happened this last 2 weeks. While I was away Justin released his second fragrance “Girlfriend”. If you’re in the New York area go to Macy’s Herald Square now to buy the perfume. First 500 people get VIP free tickets for a secret show Justin will be putting on tonight at the Apollo Theatre in New York City. More info here.

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  • $$wagerr jackerzzz

    Finally a update thanx daisy tour site is amazing <3

    • ciara

      justin i love you so much pick me i love every song that you make u r so cute and funnt i have everything

    • Anonymous

      omg i am JUSTIN BIEBER`S BIGGEST fan ever and i love him more than anyone can think!

  • Rouda

    Please pick me I am Justin big fan I want to meet Justin I traveled all around the world just for Justin. Please pick me I well do anything to see Justin Bieber please.

    • Anonymous

      I love u justin bieber

      • Anonymous

        all love his music and all love him that is justin bieber

        • akash

          the musuc is coming from his lovely heart

        • akash

          A new trend is coming for all who love
          JUSTIN BIEBERS perfume

    • Justin

      your in

      • Anonymous

        I love Justin been waiting for a long time to get tickets but I never did

      • destinee

        i love you justin you are so hott hot love your biggest fan destinee

        • marcella

          please pick me i am your biggest fan i love you

    • Anonymous

      im his biggest fan

    • rouda


    • alex

      i am the biggest justin bieber fan every birmingham show hes had i went too. but the tickets are sold out and i really want to go. i will do anything for the tickets.

  • ainkagilaloly:)

    yaw ! amazeeeeeeeeeeeee (y)

  • Anonymous

    Armani loves him more bitches =D <3

  • Anonymous

    is that selena?

    • Sonia Khalid ;)


    • Selena Gomez

      Hi are you my fan

      • no

        NO you are not beautiful enough for justin he deserve something better than you

        • no

          it was my friend.

        • Khloe Nicole Taylor

          i know xx

      • Belieber#1

        OMG stop hating on Selena gomez! if it werent for her Justin would not be happy! get lost and get a life! Im talking to you NO

      • Anonymous

        hiiiiiiiiiii justin!

    • Belieber#1

      AHAHAHAHA no! Of ourse not!

  • Sonia Khalid ;)


    • Anonymous

      good justin bieber

  • Aliyah

    Hey Justin,
    do you know how awesome I would feel if someone suprized me with tickets I have been telling my mom how much I love you.
    don’t get mad at this:
    So in thrid grade I loved you so much and in a little bit and then I started not to like you (sorry) but then I herd this new album came out and before I say your knew song boyfriend and I loved it so much that when I went to best buy I was the last prison to get the deluxe album and I also herd about that awesome golden ticket and I went on the computer and entered but sadley I did not win but I want to win a gutar signed buy you and I also been so sad that my friend had just moved and I said to my mom some concert tickets would be the best to cheer me up and also when I was watching the view today I say that you said some people didn’t like you and you changed mines well you changed mine.
    Love you Justin and Thank You,

    • Rachel

      This isn’t justin bieber….

      • Anonymous

        YES HE IS

      • Belieber

        of course it’s Justin because Justin is a boy who is confident happy beautiful and he has perfect hair and the most beautiful eyes EVER!!! and look at that picture!….. the boy has everything a girl wishes!!!…… so it can’t be somebody other then Justin 😉

        • Belieber

          I am from Denmark, so I’m probably not so good at English as most of you so if there are spelling errors ….. so please do not edit me… because you know, why there maybe are misspellings now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Llove u justin bieber

  • nur azeera

    I love uuuuuu so much justin bieber and my sister love u soooooo much i and my sister like to sing your song i really want to go to ur concert

  • believe

    reallyy want this! i love you justin, cant wait unti believe tour tickets come out in the uk

  • Paoo

    Im from mexico i an i get the perfume someday now they doesnt want to buy me the girlfriend because i syil dont finish it

  • LALA

    I’m getting this perfume because i have Someday.

  • demi lea tynan

    amazing!!!!! love you justin bieber loadssss<3

  • zoe

    JB ur the best…..I would so love to see you in concert in Charlotte nc in Jan 2013! My mom says she just cnt afford tickets right now……so scared by the time she can it will be sold out…because everyone loves some bieber fever…….you re such a cutie….I know all your songs and I am only 9 yrs old. Well I hope to see u in Jan 2013…..bye xoxoxo Zoe

    • Kizze ravera

      Hi zoe this is Kizzie you know from school anyway why are you writing on here ??????????

      anyway Justin I love you so much you enspired me to write my own song and now I just want to say thanks your are such a good singer and you will go far I might be just 10 but I am your ultimate super fan I would faint if I had tickets to your concert but my family just dont have the money. But I am definatelly getting girlfriend xxxxxxxxxxxxx see ya

      • Anonymous

        I am going to get it

  • lola

    hi ,
    omg ! i love shawty maine aka justin bieber ! i cant believe he has a new fragrance ,going out 2 buy it as soon as possible !!!!!!!! good luck on his new album !!!!!

  • Fatima jalassi

    omg your perfume is wonderful Justin and you too. I love you Justin and I will do it to death!! ❤

    • Anonymous

      sory i do not like it.

  • berfin

    Justin Bieber i love you so much.I am your bigger fan in turkey
    and i want come your concer but i cant because you are so distant.i want meet with justin.justinnnn i love youuuuu.i wish i see you.

    • Anonymous

      alo a jeni mir qa po bani

  • Josh M.

    Sup dude.
    It’s crazy im a guy who gets made fun of all the time because i like your music but i have never been to one of your concerts before, in fact i have never been to a concert in my life. but ya my nickname is JB at school now which is just great. (sort of) but ya man your pretty much living my dream which is 101% modivating but ya im kind of scared of singing in front of people. accept for my friends. Anyways tickets would be tight and i would love to get to meet you some day and actually have a legit talk about how you got threw it all and to see you perform like a pro. Alright man well hopefully someone gets a hold of this message. Stay modivating man.
    p.s. i think your song pray is one of your best i really enjoy it.

  • samara bieber

    when is it realsed in england cos i cant find it

  • IAMABELIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    are u really jb???

  • bieke

    it’s a shame that they don’t sell his perfumes ‘someday’ and ‘girlfriend’ in belgium !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  • Kayleigh

    please pick me as i am the biggest beliber. I love him to pieces he is my world it revolves around him. So what i am trying to say is please pick me i am begging you please.

  • Hessa al Qatami

    I love u Justin Bieber so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much

  • lauren

    i absoultly love justin bieber more than anyone could even imagen, all i atcully want in my life is to see him,my life would be complete straight away, he means everything to me, love him so much
    hes my dream come true x x x x x x x x

  • Anonymous

    love you justin bieber

  • Anonymous

    love you justin bieber yasmin io.

  • Anonymous

    i love you justin bieber yasmin one time. perfume. fas. io. tatiaia. a. you ok . bayb. amiga.

  • Belieber#1

    omg Justin I am your biggest fan! Please can I win I would die for you (but only if i dieeee in you arrms!) lolz please!!

  • Belieber

    to you who ask is it Selena?? no it isn’t Selena it’s just a girl who kiss him….. it’s a advertising for the perfume….. look at the name of the perfume GIRLFRIEND 🙂 Ps. it isn’t hes girlfriend :-*

  • Belieber

    I am from Denmark, so I’m probably not so good at English as most of you so if there are spelling errors ….. so please do not edit me… because you know, why there maybe are misspellings now 🙂 <3 <3

  • Ceren

    Hi I’m Ceren.Im from Turkey. I am not rich like you, but I love him very much. I could not attain him, never. I do not like, but never say never. My mother and father to Canada do not have enough money to go, but I feel it. I can smell.

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber . io. yasmin. bejinho. love you. amiga. amos. 18. brilho. osa.csl. bandido. selena gonez. just. perfune. one time. boyfiend. a.

  • Jasmine

    Hi Justin I am a big fan I really like u alot I always have I got all of ur song on my wall cause I love u alot I would love for u to come see me some day I would be the most happyist person ever I love u a lot. Plaeace come and see me. And I will beleave a lot more then I have been doing I will cry idle I see u please come 🙁

  • ysella bieber

    i love you very much i wish i could go to one of your conserts back stage so after ur consert i could see you and give u a big hug threw the hole intier world i love u more then any thing i have ur whole intier bed set and perfume hair spray and lotion and 2 shirts with ur face on it i also wake up to a big boliton boerd of u and i kiss it every morning i go to sleep thinking of u and dreaming of u every night

  • Anonymous



    OMG I love you Justin Bieber. I am 13 year old girl and i dont really get to express myself that much. I would love to win this! It is my dream!

  • justinbiebersbigggiestfan

    i won i less lonley girl

  • jasmine

    hi justin i love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much iam giving you money today because i’am getting your perfume today can’t wait i am going to your conncert october 3 at the staples center 7:00

    • jasmine


  • jasmine

    justin bieber text me back pleace

  • jasmine

    justin bieber you are really cute and hot hot hot hot you are really nice to avalanna she is so cute i’am praying for her i hope she gets better say hi for me pleace when you see here

  • nadia

    hi my name is nadia I’m mega fan of justin bieber I will do everything that he came to my school in Denmark I am a very foal as a girl could just wish he was my baby but he’s not I’m his biggest fan in the world I just love him as much as you can why I just can not get his number is s many things in life but he comes first he just know that I love him more than anything on earth even though he does not know love you forever bieber

  • nadia


  • Nazli

    Hi justin
    I am one of your huge fan I always listen to your music, my dream would always be to meet u until it comes true. Justin plz come and visit me I live in london. If I see you I will berst into tears until u kiss me. I am going to be a Beliber until I die!!!!!!

  • Nazli

    I am one of your superfans. If I see u I will berst into tears. I would love to meet you. I always listen to your music especially boyfriend. My dream is to meet you utility comes true. I always see dreams about you.

  • Baby

    İ love justin.My love 1:jb Baby <333

  • Anonymous

    Hi jb

  • chelsea

    VIP birthday ^^