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Funny Justin Bieber Animated Picture with a Fan

lmao! too funny <3 it!

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  • gabb

    shes a meme in 9gag, probably the place with more haters in the world, oh irony

  • Biebersgirl135

    She’s the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme 🙂
    Haha this made my day



      • Anonymous

        hey jsutin bieber is gorg xxxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          and u are ugly hehehehehehehehhhehehehe

        • Anonymous

          i wish my bf was not jb stinkinking lieyer

  • Agus

    cool! <3

    • Mechele clarke Biebergirl

      I love justin Bieber so hot

    • Anonymous

      Hi Justin bieber, it’s Sarah bonty and I”m a huge number one fan and your cute,hot and awesome.p.s. I”m part of the believer and I have bieber feverl too.i listen to your music and it is awesome.

  • MIchell

    Perfect meme

  • Teejay

    Wow.. This is very funny. So, Justin already seen it..LOL That video is really funny. I showed it to my friends and they were like XD..LOL

  • jeyla

    It is so perfect, that is the most meme, I am Belieber and I love the meme

  • candy(yes that is my real name)

    laugh my FREAKING ass off
    i love that it so funny and the way she look so scary
    it make my side hurt so much


  • Jenny

    <3 <3 perfect <3 <3

  • Kirstie

    I didn’t really find it funny, highly disturbing actually. But that’s just my opinion, I don’t hate her anything. good for her though she got justin’s attention..

  • Sonja

    Hey Justin how come I don’t see no picture of you with any girls with a little meat on there bone. shoot we are human too.

  • Mrs.Bieber

    i saw this vid on youtube dhis girl is tremendously creepy you guys need to listen to her song. Its ridiculous but funny

    • Anonymous

      heyy love ye son hes smexyy xx

  • Jermaine catilne

    Hi Justin Bieber
    Come my. House going out westfield
    Pick me up. Home. And too Vanessa. Hudgens
    Joshua. Hutcherson Cheryl cole
    This. Morning 9:30pm.
    15Canton St E14
    Thank. You
    By Jermaine Catilne
    Jermaine. Said too
    I love you so much. Justin. Bieber. See you. Weekend
    But go Cinema world DLR

    • anonamous gurlie

      youh really shouldnt put your personal stuff on here youh dont knoe who could be on here.!!!!!

      • Rachel Bieber

        So truuu gurl u shouldnt coz there could be pedo’s

  • justin bieber fan


  • kelly senz

    omggggggggggg i love justin bieber no one is a bigger fan of justin than i am i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee justin bieber xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • kelly senz

    omggggggggggg i love justin bieber no one is a bigger fan of justin than i am i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee justin bieber x we love justin

  • kelly senz

    omg that clip is soooooooooo cool loving the website what is justin biebers new song?

  • Colleen

    Hi JUSTIN! My name is Colleen and I am 13 I love u so much! I can’t express it to u because I dont have a twitter. But I love u so much here’s why!

    These are the reasons I love u! I have been a belieber sense Christmas 2011! I just want to say that I have liked u scence I saw never say never! I support u in everything u do and I love the album!!

    I have seen all of your movies and my room and life are bieberfied! You are such a big inspiration to me and my friends! I love everything about u! Ur voice your looks, personality, kindness, and charity work!

    I saw All around the world part 1 and 2 and loved it! I am so sorry about your concussion and all my love and prayers go out to u and ur family and friends!! I am so sorry about avalana I had a friend that passed away at just that age from that same thing! I know how sad u and her family and friends are about it but I know that at the right time she will have to go. I know u did all that y could to make her happy and make her life better no one should have to go through this!:( 

    To rap things up. Justin if u c this can u respond to me on twitter because I have this app called my artist alrts so I can c ur tweets from there I love u! And If any one else has a kind enough heart
     And Justin is following them or not can they pls post this in twitter!  
    I love u Justin!


  • jazmin alfaro

    that is funny lmfao <3 but u shouldd b looking at me justin still lovee ya kisses

  • justin and selena fan

    lol hahah

  • Sonia Khalid ;)

    SO FUNNY 🙂

    • Naik

      Iam fan ofyou from ap state

  • kal

    wow too cool

  • fatma fayez

    so funny

  • believe

    lol love it

  • Anonymous

    <3 <3 I LOVE U JUSTIN <3 <3 <3 BELIEVE <3 <3

  • Belieber

    I’m a Turkısh belieber. I love you. Come to turkey in Believe Tour. 🙂

  • Rachel Bieber

    well I dont think he would want to come to turkey…He would come to Aussie and I would scream y lungs offff ARGHHHHH <3

  • Mechele clarke Biebergirl

    Justin Bieber crazy he I am go concert justin Bieber me wheelchair help kids ? My birthday feb 12 1995 old 17 and 18

  • Nini_Belieber

    Ha haaa my crazy boy love ya moree

  • ninibelieber

    =D=D=Di love U Justinnnnnnn

  • Anonymous

    bitcth you is hot

  • lolita-kokita_123@hotmail.fr


  • ail.fr


  • Anonymous

    Justin beber
    Hayley. Faitz