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Justin Bieber interview with NRJ Radio May 31, 2012

Justin Bieber stop by NRJ Radio in Paris, France as he continues to promote his upcoming European tour. The Bieber speaks some french, makes fun of the french and explains what Swag means!

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  • Brooke Bieber

    Oh my baby your sooo flawless <3

  • Roxanne

    Am I the only one who rolls my eyes when radio hosts/interviewers in these European (or other) countries speak French to him when we all know they know how to speak English, and that the majority of their listeners also know how to speak English? I mean, come on, Justin is not fluent in French. You are fluent in English. Speak English to him. He’s going to answer in English anyway, so you might as well. It’s ridiculous. If you are fluent in the language the celebrity you’re talking to speaks, but they aren’t fluent in yours, you talk to them in the language that they know. It’s just common courtesy. Even if someone’s not a celebrity. I speak multiple languages, and I always speak in the language fluent to the person I’m speaking to. You wouldn’t go up to a person and randomly speak in a language they don’t know, when you know they don’t know it. These interviewers should do the same.

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