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justin bieber blue puzzle

Justin Bieber wants to be remembered


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  • JB swag!

    Justin will definitely be remembered… Always and forever!!! LOVE U JUSTIN……. Ps: we kno u’ve awready been to #South Africa for Vacation so can u plz come and perform for us as part of ur tour!!???? PWEEzzzzzzzz! Pretty plz with a cherry on top! ;;)

  • OMB!


  • Isabel

    U will always be remembered no matter wat because of you’re personality and you’re music in other words you’re a living legend

  • MsBieberS

    Justin you will ALWAYS be remembered!!! Please come to Arch Street Public School in Ottawa Ontario!! My name is Avan and my friend’s name is Nimo and we LOVE you so much and we always have fights over you and crazy bets and all that stuff!! We LOVE you so much and you will always be remembered (mostly by me and Nimo)! PLEASE PLEASE WITH NIMO AND AVAN UR BIGGEST FANS ON TOP COME VISIT ARCH STREET!
    We are both 11 years old in grade 5 and we will be graduating Arch next year so it would be an AMAZING year if you came to preform for our school!!!!

    We ♥ you!!!

  • blob

    u will NEVER be remembered