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justin bieber japanese tattoo music 2012

Justin Bieber Tattoo #6: Music [Japanese Kanji]

Justin has another new tattoo on his left arm. This time it’s the Japanese character for music. Guess he must have gotten that during his recent stop in Japan. He’s so young and he has 6 already. And he’s planning to get a matching one with Selena soon too. So we gotta ask….

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  • Anonymous

    that’s not really a new tattoo. he got it before he got the believe tattoo.

  • TrueBieber Babe

    but the question is: should JB get more tattoos? I don’t really like tattoos, but Justin apparently likes them. Look at his father and Usher they both have lots of them, so there is no one to guide him. He will most likely get more since he likes them so much.

    • JB swag!

      Yeah, I also don’t want him to get more, I don’t want him to look like lil’ wayne, his unique, and special-but in the end it is his choice!