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justin bieber sued 9 million stacey wilson betts

Justin Bieber sued for $9.23 million for mother’s hearing loss!!

Ok this is sort of ridiculous. A woman in Portland, Oregon by the name of Stacey Wilson Betts took her daughter to Justin’s concert on July 14, 2010. If a Justin Bieber concert wasn’t loud as it is, Betts claims Justin made the situation for her ears much worse when he blasted sounds at her!!

Ok he didn’t blast sounds directly at her but that’s sorta what she’s saying. It all started when he got on his heart-shaped gondola and sang with his guitar. He then would encourage fans to scream by waving his hands and pointing at different sections of the arena. And when he pointed to her section the gondola became a “sound conductor” and screams from the fans in her section blasted her ears off. I’m guess the hanging gondola must be right over her head at the moment the damage occurred.

In the suit, Betts claims Bieber “created a wave like effect of screaming by pointing into various sections of the arena. Then enticed the crowd into a frenzy of screams by continuously waving his arms in a quick and upward motion.”

Betts says the gondola acted as a “sound conductor creating a sound blast that permanently damaged both of my ears.”

As a result, Betts claims she now suffers from tinnitus … which causes a constant pulsing, whooshing shound that makes it hard to sleep. She also complains of other hearing-related damage.

I’m sorry that this happened to this lady but when there’s tens of thousands of people at the concert (and not just in this one city) and only one person gets hearing damage maybe it’s not any else’s fault. Maybe you just have weak ears and shouldn’t be going to music concerts at all let alone a Justin Bieber concert!

She’s now suing Justin, this record label, and the arena for $9.23 million for causing her permanent ear damage. Do you think Justin should be responsible for her hearing loss?

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  • QuiaraBaaby

    ok, i was at that concert july 14, 2010 and the fans sort of started what people all over called it “crowd control” anyways, if she should be sueing anyone ot should be thr fans for keeping ot going even when he tried to stop. also, she clearly could’ve went to sit in the lobby with the rest of the parents. as my uncle told me all the adults went out there so they wouldn’t sit inside that room for several hours listening to thousands of teenage girls scream. i mean come on, she had.to expect that its justin bieber!

    • QuiaraBaaby

      it* the* it*

      • julianna lewis

        justins mom lost her hearing omg i soooooooo sorry justin really shes the best mom ever she goes with you everywhere and supports you in everything hopes she gets it back

        • lalala

          lmfao not justin’s mother!

  • Anonymous

    She won’t get a cent out of this! There have been other people who have tired to do the same thing and have not succeeded. It’s a concert it’s going to
    Be loud and people are going to scream.

  • jbel15

    See there are these things called earplugs, that help minimize loud sounds! She should of bought some, what else would she expect out a c Oncert especially one for Justin bieber

  • ebeex3


  • Brianna

    No I don’t think he should be sued. Its her fault for going to the concert in the first place. She knows who he is and she knows how many fans he has. And she should’ve expected to be uncontrollably loud in there. Thats unbelievable. I would hate my mom if she did that I can’t imagine what the daughter thinks of her. That’s rediculous.

  • Brittany

    Then why in the Hell did she go she new it was going to be loud why didn’t she let some one else going in with her daughter , All she fucking wants is his money and she isn’t going to get it , so to that women Shut THE HELL UP BITCH !

  • mukhatyar ali parihar

    i love justin bieber

  • jasmine

    well its her fault for going to the concert in the first place ….. she shuldnt be going to concert where its going to be loud and alot of of screaming fans …. ches a dumbass bitch

    • Sonja

      I agree with you. I used to listen to music but not any more. I haven’t been to a concert in my life. But have watch them on tv or on line and the screaming girls makes it hard to hear what they are singing. And if she saying that a July 14 2010 made her loss of hearing wouldn’t it also make the people around her included her daughter have hearing loss.

      • Sonja

        hearing loss too. this is really odd if you asked me. she is another money hungry person

  • Adriana

    I think thats wack . first the baby drama & now this ? Stacey that was TWO YEARS AGO. & now your making a big deal outta it? if your knew concerts are loud let alone a Justin Bieber concert why did you go? its not justin’s fault, neither the record label, or the arena . You were screaming as much as everyone else . Your so full of it. & if you lost your hearing why didn’t anybody else lose theirs too ? Yeah, so i think your just doing this for the money .

  • gaby

    i think this lady is stupid and its a concert it has to be loud! when i saw this i was like wtf this lady is dumb yah she lost her hearing but no one forced her to go ugh she gets me mad justin bieber should not be sued its ridiculous!

  • Seriously

    HAHAHA you know someone is LYING when they sue for that much. She obviously just wants money. Is it really going to take over 9 million to fix her “hearing loss”..NO. Also she is a complete idiot if she didn’t expect a Justin Bieber concert to be loud. People are pathetic, she is only embarrassing herself lololol.

  • Sharon

    this is so stupid, pretty much all concerts are loud like what did she expect especially when it’s justin, she obviouslly has weak hearing or sensitive hearing because how come shes the only one that’s come out and complained. I don’t see anyone losing there hearing after going to a bieber concert. It says she went to the concert 2 years ago, why all of a sudden come out now ? she’s not gonna get a cent, it’s all bullshit. Another person who only wants money off Justin.

  • Cam

    Another money milker I see? What a suprise…

  • i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

    I dont think its justin’s fault i mean ur gonna expect that from a JUSTIN BIEBER concert
    Love, i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

  • heemangi

    i love u justin soooooooooo much

  • Trinity

    this piece of sh*t only wants money 🙁

  • Zoe

    okay this is ridiculous justin should not have to pay her!!! ITS A CONCERT ITS GOING TO LOUD!

  • me...

    i seriously just kept laughing the whole time i read this,,,,, this lady wont get a fuckin cent out of this

  • Mrs. Bieber

    Really she should not sue him that is jusy stupid.. She just wants money out of him because he is a sexy, rich celeb.

  • mszz.Bieber12

    mmm that dont make any kind of sense????????????????????????????????????????

  • JB swag!

    OmB! Lol, this lady is definitely not gona get any money 4rm sucha well known-loved and respected – JUSTiN BiEBER!!! + why sue now in 2012 wen the concert took place 2 yrs ago!!!!???!!!!! #LIES!!!!!
    JB swag!

  • yuni

    ‘ Stacey Wilson Betts ‘ only claims for money $$ . It should be her fault for sueing justin for a million . if i see her , I will kick her ass and let her eat her own shit ! I hope the main judge rejects her million dollars . What a ***********r !

  • Katy Perry

    Ridiculous ! Shame on Stacy Wilson Betts , if she won’t control herself to ‘ loud concerts ‘ , she will not be ABLE to attend mine . lol . love, Katy Perry