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justin bieber australian tour dates 2013

Justin Bieber 2013 Australia Believe Tour Concert Dates & Info

The Hot Hits has released the following info for the Australian tour:

Concert Dates

  • Wed 27 November – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
  • Friday 29 November – Sydney Allphones Arena
  • Saturday 30 November – Sydney Allphones Arena
  • Monday 2 December – Melbourne Rod Laver Arena
  • Tuesday 3 December – Melbourne Rod Laver Arena
  • Thursday 5 December – Adelaide Entertainment Centre
  • Sunday 8 December – Perth Arena


There are a few different pre-sales. General public tickets are on sale July 1 at 10am, but there are a few chances for early tickets.

Visa entertainment pre-sale is Tuesday 25 June at 10am until Thursday 27 June at 10am. This is open to Visa cardholders. You will access it via the Ticketek website.

Frontier pre-sale is Thursday 27 June at 2pm until Friday 28 June at 2pm. This is open to Frontier members who will receive a password from Frontier. You will access it via the Ticketek website.

Meet and Greet

This is a ticket package called “VIP Justin Bieber Experience”. This will definitely sell out.

It includes:

  • One incredible top price floor ticket in the first 5 rows
  • Photo Meet and Greet – a photo opportunity with Justin.
  • Photos will be taken in groups of 6 or more.
  • Autographed Vinyl copy of Justin’s new album ‘Believe’
  • Gift Bag containing exclusive Justin Bieber merchandise.
  • VIP Priority Check In
  • Dedicated On-site VIP Host

All tickets will be sold via www.ticketek.com.au.

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  • *KASSIE 4 JB*

    I read your story and i know what your going through… Im really sorry though : ( But i truly want to meet JUSTIN BIEBER too!!! I LOVE HIM more than my own parents… I will take a bulette for him!!!!! I will do ANYTHING ON EARTH to meet him! I never missed 1 Single pic,vid,tweet or any others of him!!! I have All his books,stickers,perfumes,pics,vids,posters and many many many more$$$$ he is my role model and i look up to him and without him i feel so lonely and incomplete!!! His my everything…everytime i listen to his music i learn something new!! I think his so hot and very inspirational… I wake up every morning thinking about him… Even when i am suppose to study i think about jim while listening to all his dong while simgimg along with all the lyrics(because i know every simgle lyric in every simgle somg of his!!!)

  • *KASSIE 4 JB*

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