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How Justin Bieber was touched in Solola Guatemela!

As part of his mission as an ambassador for Pencils of Promises, Justin flew into Solola Guatemala to take part in the building of a school that the charity had help build. And to say that this experience touched him is an understatement. It was life changing.

In his own hards, Justin tells us how it felt for him to see people who have nothing be so happy.


Inspired by the experience, Justin removed his shirt and went to work grabbing a wheelbarrow and helping to build a wall for the school.


He even removed the shoes he was wearing and gave it to one of he locals.


None of us would ever know what it’s like to have hundreds of millions as a worldwide teenage superstar so we can’t blame him for splurging sometimes but this was clearly a truly humbling experience for Justin and no doubt he’ll continue to give back because he gets so much from the experience <3

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  • Tonya Howell

    It is things like this that contribute to why I love Justin so much. Although he has & will continue to make mistakes because even though I think is the definition of #FlawlessPerfection he is still human nonetheless & it is the mistakes we have all made that made us into the outstanding Belieber family that is so huge nothing stops us & we Never Say Never & Believe all things are possible. I get to see & experience various parts of the world through his eyes & travels, that opens my eyes all the time because he has seen & done so much in the 19 years he has been in the world & what I have done & many others does not even compare.

    • Anonymous

      Hayley. Justin Bieber

      • Tonya Howell

        True that I love being a Belieber, #FlawlessPerfection he is indeed but he still human and will make mistakes but he does not deny the mistakes he made he does not deny them because he human but its the mistakes we all make & learn from that makes who we are & what we become. Think abt it Justin is til young but his life is in the media so things get all blown out & people believe what they here & do not wait for Justin to tell us the truth because he always does he never lies to us because we are his family & he loves us.

        • Anonymous