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Justin Bieber’s OLLG in Guatemala Sophy Castro Oct 26, 2013

justin-bieber-ollg-guatemalaHere’s the OLLG from Guatemala. Her name is Sophy Castro and she posted this video of her special moment at the concert. Can’t believe she got to put her arms around him and slow dance with him too. Lucky!

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  • Tonya Howell

    OMG!!! Lucky girl I bet that is an experience she will cherish for the rest of her life and I bet no other guy will ever compare. I wish that Someday I could be that OLLG bcuz ‘That Should Be Me’

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, I was there at the concert and she was smiling so much, I think that was a really special moment for her. After the concert, I got to know a little about her life and started following her on Instagram, and she is a really nice person and she really deserved to be up on that stage that night. Still, no Belieber can deny that we are all also a bit jealous, but it’s okay. I mean, seriously, like, just to have Justin look at you would be amazing. Imagine slow dancing!