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justin bieber domican republic concert 2013

Justin’s full Dominican Republic Concert Video

Cool! This is pretty much the full Believe concert in the Dominican Republic the other day. Thank you to the person who took such great videos. It’s almost like you’re there.

If you want you can click the playlist (after you start the video first) and choose which song you want to watch. They’re all great.

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  • Tonya Howell

    I love how you all keep us up to date on everything that is going on with Justin Bieber. As much as I wish that I could attend every concert & meet him I dont have to feel to bad because you all are allowing me to see & experience everyone like I had a front row seat. Someday, I Believe that as long as I Pray, continue to Never say Never, & As Long As Justin continues to Love Me I will Never Let Go of my dream to M&G him. Thank you/

    • Thanks Tonya. That’s exactly what I thought when I made the post. Lots of the fans are in places where Justin will probably never visit and these vids let ppl enjoy what it’s like to be someone in the audience of a JB concert. thanks for making a comment too. It’s like I can almost hear crickets in here. ahaha

      • Tonya Howell

        I am so thankful and grateful to you all and this site because I love Justin Bieber wholeheartedly. I cant wait to see what else comes up these posts and videos make my millennium #Someday I will get my M&G with him when I don’t know but I enter every contest, I have yet to win anything but I still keep trying because meeting him is the ultimate dream of mine when I do my life will be complete.