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Chilean Beliebers camp out for Justin Bieber days before concert!

justin-bieber-chile-fans-2012-05 justin-bieber-chile-fans-2012-04 justin-bieber-chile-fans-2012-03 justin-bieber-chile-fans-2012-02

justin-bieber-chile-fans-2012-01Woah talk about diehard fans! These Beliebers have been waiting outside the Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile since Nov 8th. That’s 4 days before his scheduled Nov 12th concert there. They must be so excited!!

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  • Tonya Howell (@LADYT120173)

    I know that I’m excited for them and I wish I could be there to do the same. However, when he was here in Houston, I camped out but I wheelchair bound so I was packed with all my goods and needed necessities but all while sleeping in chair. There is no limit to the extent we Beliebers are willing to go for Justin

  • I’m excited for them too. And it’s like camping/sleeping overs for a few days so its probably a really fun experience. I just hope he’s better from the food poisoning before he gets to Chile.

    Oh yah and I know you’re a true belieber by now. I’ve read your comments 🙂