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Is Justin Bieber losing popularity to One Direction?

Justin isn’t the only person celebrating a #1 song on iTunes this week. One Direction‘s newest release “Diana” has reached #1 on EVERY COUNTRY except Lithuania. Now that’s a lot of countries! Should we be worried that “PYD” didn’t do as well?

Well.. as a way to help raise pre-orders on iTunes for their upcoming album “Midnight Memories”, One Direction are releasing the first 4 songs early one at a time exclusively to fans who pre-order the full album on iTunes. Every time a song is released, each pre-orderer for the album automatically counts as a sale on iTunes that day. “Diana” is the 3rd of 4 songs.

Justin’s “PYD” had no pre-orders, has no full-album tie-in, and also has had no promotional support from Def Jam. Considering it reached #1 in over 20 countries that’s really good. The only people who even knows about #journals are his real fans.

Diana’s achievement on the iTunes chart did not go unnoticed by Justin as he congratulated them on Twitter and saying the song was well done.

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  • Tonya Howell (@LADYT120173)

    There is no need to worry or show cause for concern or alert Justin said the song was well written. Everyone deserves props when they are due, Justin’s music is an always will be the BOMB.. He has written more # 1 songs in the years he has been given to us as the greatest gift that cannot ever n will never be taken for granted. Beliebers we stand by Justin always because he is #AllThatMatters so there might be a #BadDay. which can be a #HeartBreaker so we will #HoldTight & #WaitAMinute for #Recovery becuase Justin always has n will #PYD #Believe he will achieve ALAYLM & we #NeverSayNever #NeverLetGo, stay #RightHere we will #BeAlright

    • yashna

      I agree with you he is a great singer too and he can do anything he wishes.

  • rachel

    i love justin bieber and he is a great singer and artist. jb will never lose his popularity because he has the most amazing and loyal fans in the world.

  • r n

    u have 2 b f**k**g kiding