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Russell Crowe defends Justin Bieber’s Graffitis in Australia

Russell Crowe is defending the Biebz on Twitter over the graffiti incident in Australia

This whole graffiti story in Gold Coast, Australia is overblown thanks to a mayor who seems to LOVE attention.

His name is Tom Tate and he’s making the media rounds with clean-up kit in hand saying how offended he is by Justin posting pictures of the graffiti on Instagram. Like always Justin had permission to paint on those walls by the hotel owners. Not only did they allow it but they seem to have considered it an honor.

“This piece of art is now available to be viewed by fans of the artist and we believe that it is a wonderful addition to the colorful Gold Coast arts scene.”

The hotel said the government had no right to get rid of the graffiti because it is on private property and not accessible from public land but the government said it was in “prominent public view” and that was good enough…


“Jokes aside mayor….” lol. Tommy’s loving his 15 minutes of fame.