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Believe Movie USA & International release dates

Below are the dates when the Believe movie will be released in your area. American dates are listed on top and international countries’ release dates are listed at the very bottom.

Notice how within the USA even though the official release date is Christmas day, a lot of cities do not screen the movie until February 4, 2014.


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  • Tonya Howell (@LADYT120173)

    Thank you for the full list I have family abroad now I can tell them when it is available for them and where.

  • Preethi

    does Believe movie will release in India??? v r waiting #Indianbeliebers hope soo !! #wewant believemovieinindia

  • Surbhi

    is believe movie releasing in India? #indiawantsbelievemovie

    • I don’t know but if I find out I’ll report it

    • Anonymous

      Yes it is going to release 🙂

      • Anonymous

        hey guys..gotta know if movie is gonna release in INDIA????

  • Aekta

    When it will release in india? City-Ahmedabad.

    • Vandan

      M from . .ahmedabad. . . .believe will relese here?

  • Nivetha

    Could u let me knw if it will be released in India in Mumbai ? 🙂 xx

    • shubham

      believe movie launch in india so I’ll be seen jb

    • divyang

      i also want 2 know … Im a Great Belieber

  • manar ak

    What about bahrain?

    • noor

      yeah wut about Bahrain !

  • Kirstie

    It doesn’t loAd for me 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Same :

    • Anonymous

      Me too

  • Anonymous

    What about Australia ?

  • Kring

    What does TBD means?!!!

    • Anonymous

      To Be Decided

    • Anonymous

      it means TO BE DECIDED

    • divyang

      tbd means ” to be displayed”

  • Azra

    what about BiH ???

  • Harshini

    Wat about India huh??? Not fair ok?? No tour, no never say never, no believe???

  • Anonymous

    Will someone tell me will it be released in India City Ahmedabad? Because I called at theaters but they say only maybe.

    • Ipsa bajaj

      hey ! well i mailed inox and pvr cinemas and they said the release date is not finalized because the distributors aren’t finalized yet !

  • shru

    i am an indian belieber….. i want justin bieber’s movie believe to be released in india…. what have indian beleiebers done..y dont we have believe tours in india…y doesnt justin bieber comes to india….we want justin bieber in india….we love him…!!!! we all love justin bieber….i hope he comes in india ..we are waiting for him..!!! never say never!!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree shru

  • @bieber_hearter

    Is Believe Movie coming in India? Justin has BELIEBERS here too ya know. We really want Believe Movie in India too! I read that it is coming in PVR Cinemas but the dates aren’t decided, is that what the deal is? Cause Indian BELIEBERS really want it here.
    #IndiaWantsBelieveMovie #BelieveMovieInIndia

    • Anonymous

      yes plzzz i watch to movie in cinema justin bieber blievber i love you justin
      i am from india soo you movie relse in india plz plz plz plz plz pl

  • pranshu

    we really want believe movie in india………

  • Harshita

    When will the movie release in India?

  • Arissa

    The picture wont come out!!!

  • Emily

    When is it coming out in Australia

  • Qatari belieber

    When is it coming out in Qatar!?

  • siddhi

    hey…is believe movie gonna be release in INDIA..???

    • sridher

      if u got tell me 9698644532

  • Aussie Belieber


  • srishti

    hy srishti here, wot abt india Boy its jst not fair at all no never say never tour v oky v understand u hve bzy schedule bt no never say never movie 🙁 🙁 not soo fair …!!! bt now heights huh noo believe tour no believe movie 🙁 !! out of all dis v cn figure tht u hate india n indian beliebers huh ..? gOd noes
    atleast realse ur movie in india if v cnt c u on tours atleast v cn c u in movies ;'( :'(
    hOpe u understand our feelings
    love u forevea!! 🙁 :'(

  • Sach and Pranee

    we demand to release believe 3D premier movie in india toooooo……….pls i request u justin
    to release ur movie here in india …………pls we want uuuuuu in india i love u justin bieber pls plks pls…..we BELIEVE in u so pls release ur movie in india plsssssssssssssssss………………..
    ur indian belibers will feel soo happy so pls pls …. release BELIEVE in INDIA


    I know u care for us………..but haters dont know this …they say u dont care just b’caz there is no dates of never say never, believe tour and Believe movie in India……..JUSTIN we need to show them u really cares for us…….we need BELIEVE MOVIE in INDIA. We need u Justin <3 <3 <3

  • Anu

    INDIA needs u Justin…………….how could u forget us?????

  • Divya

    Why r u so unfair to India? Please Justin we want Believe movie here…..

  • Mansi

    India wants believe movie.

  • India

    We are the most unlucky of all……….no never say never, no believe tours, no believe movie 🙁

  • Madhurima

    INDIA is waiting for u Justin!!!

  • @biebersbabyannie

    India needs u Justin…………#believemovie <3

  • Arshiya

    Please ………………………….believe movie in India

  • Shreya

    INDIA!!!….. INDIA!!!…INDIA!!!…

  • Rehana


  • Rohan

    INDIA is waiting for Beliebe movie

  • Ishika belieber

    India needs u Justin…

  • TayGee

    I’m Justin’s biggest fan luv him sooooooooo much so good to know the release date I Australia

  • Simar Behal

    We want believe In India 1 Plz plz

  • Indian Belieber

    This is plain injustice.
    We didn’t get the My World tour, NSN or the Believe tour. Now this.
    Please, please get Believe to release in India.
    It’d mean SO much to all of us.

  • Namrata salvi

    We indian belieber need to see ur believe movie in india (mumbai) plz release ur movie in india (mumbai) plz plz plz we love u a lot <3

    • Mrs biebs

      I lived in india n justin nevr came i hope he comes there soon now m in UAE he came here on believe tour the month i came but unfortunatly nvr gotta see him im waiting for his believe movie here!!! Love uuuu JUSTIN

  • aisha sharma

    we want believe movie in india……. dis is really embracing we didnt get anything , y so ??
    plzzz confirm d dates for india v too wanna see our’s idol movie

  • @bieber_hearter

    India needs to be inspired by you Justin. #IndiaNeedsBelieveMovie
    I heard that maybe it’s coming out in India on 14th February 2014, so that’s when it’s coming out? Can you guys please comfirm the dates in India too?

  • belieberIndia

    Hey guys! Scroll right to the end of the list where they have listed about releasing believe movie internationally… India is there!!!! BELIEVE 3D is releasing here!!!! Only the release date is yet To Be Decided(TBD)… Come and check everyday. BELIEVE in Justin, NEVER SAY NEVER, this time in INDIA…. as well

  • Michelle

    – wonderful! His hat is adlabroe, too! I’m right there with you on the props I think I might need to rent a storage space if I buy another prop chair lol :)July 18, 2011 8:46 am

  • austin

    you ar cool

  • raima

    am waiting for belive justin plssssssss get tat movie on india dere are many die hard belibers here in india!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    TBD MEANS “to be decided”

  • Sharmin

    when ll believe movie cd come in mumbai

  • its jb

    come to india

  • fan of jb..

    when will it come in Bahrain…..

    • Anonymous

      LUV U JUSTIN…………