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Justin Bieber is taking a one year break!!

Wow! Is this really true? Scooter confirms that Justin will be taking one year off away from the spotlight. I think this is a good decision. He’s worked so hard since he was 15. Take some time off, head back to Canada, and hang out with Ryan and Chaz. He’s missed out on being just a regular teenager.

btw. I see Clearasil sponsored his new movie. I guess that means his $3million contract with Proactiv is over.

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  • Ashlyn

    I think this is a good idea he should be able to take a break but i am going to be really sad if he retires…i mean i bet anything the press will still follow him to the end of the earth which i don’t like at all…i will support him with what ever he does i will still rock out to his music and protect him from haters and when he does come back he will be recovered and ready to go and i will buy his new music like crazy when he comes back…i will now and forever love and support justin bieber

  • Hayley. Fabritz.

    Justin Bieber. Hayley. Fabritz
    Yes. Loue

  • Sabahat Chughtai

    I will LOVE u always JB :’)

  • gabriela

    justin i will miss you music alot please dont take a break i love you so much

  • Belieber

    Justin We will miss u so much my dream u follow me on Twitter please follow me @Therealbeliebe3