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TAYLOR SWIFT HAS HAD HER HAIR CUT SHORT AND SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! ……….. JOKE ;P LMAO – Happy April fools day Guys!! LOL What do you think?? I think Taylor is so pretty could even pull this look off! Comments??
Happy April Fools everyone!

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God, I can’t believe she said that. And no she should not be fired. I think she’s actually pretty funny…….

We send this bitch to cover the red carpet for us at our birthday party and she comes back with this shit????

She’s fired!


Hahaha, this is so funny…..

Haha oops!

Justin Bieber attended the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on March 27th where he sported shades and walked the orange carpet.

Unbeknownst to him, Justin walked right in front of Reverend Run and his family taking advantage of a photo op.

Wonder if Justin realized after the fact – or if Rev Run’s family was so psyched to have a picture “with” Justin that they asked for a copy!


More like the photographer was trying to take a picture of Justin and Reverend Run’s family just happens to be standing there. hahaha. But his son sure looks happy to see Justin though. :p


Haha, I just found this on the Huffington Post. They are usually a pretty serious political website but they squeezed in this funny video from UCB Comedy  into their site today this which I thought was worth a post.

It’s usually weird and surprising when you learn that celebrities are friends, especially when they seem so different. Take Justin Bieber and Usher, here. It seems weird at first, but then you get that they have a fun, big-and-little-brother relationship…. But then it gets weird again. Creepy details emerge that turn their “shootin’ hoops and sloppy joes” activities into blackouts and subtle threats. Did we mention it’s weird?


This Alan Carr guy is really funny.