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Justin BieberCourtesy of Island Def Jam

Despite recent attempts to assume the vacant King of Pop throne (most notably by the members of the House of Jonas), it’s been a bleak interregnum. But a Justin Bieber-led restoration may soon be on the cards. As the impish prince of teen idolatry, Bieber — the 16-year-old YouTube breakout star turned bona fide pop royalty — has captured the popular imagination, sending teenage girls (real and honorary) into paroxysms of passion and mall-security guards into nervous fits every time he makes a public appearance. T paid court to Bieber, whose eagerly awaited new album, “My World 2.0,” is out today.

Hey, Justin, thanks for doing this. I know you’re superbusy this week. Walk me through a typical day for you at the moment.
No problem, sir. Every day is different, whether I am performing or doing interviews, but I definitely have long days, especially with the new album coming out. I have a lot of people who want to talk to me, and I am doing a lot of TV shows and stuff. Then I do dance and vocal warm-ups and cool-downs every day. The voice is like any other muscle, you have to exercise it. But if I am lucky I will get six hours of sleep a night. There are times when I get to come up for air, but most of the time I am working a lot and just having fun with it.

Since you’re in the mood for fun: inquiring minds what to know about your hair. Let’s talk man-bangs — how do you get hair like that?
[Laughs] I’d love to be able to say it was complicated, but I’m just chilling. My hair takes five minutes to do in the morning. I shower and as soon as I get out I just shake it and it just does that. For real.

Who would win in a hair-off between you and Zac Effron?
I’ll let you decide. But all I’ll say is that it’s no competition.

Ha. You’re at a point where most people are discovering their personal style but may not have the budget that you have these days. What are you splurging on?
I don’t actually spend a lot of money. The last big thing I bought was a car for my birthday because I just got my driver’s permit. I’m not a splurger, but I like clothes like G-star and I really like shoes — I wear Supers a lot. I wear a lot of hoodies, but I also like Alexander McQueen. I think he is very original and does amazing stuff.

Unfortunately, he died recently. 
Rest in peace. I didn’t know that. But I think I have my own style — I like to try to dress fun but keep things simple and me — and like to dress myself, I have no stylist to help me if that’s what you mean.

What about your “swagger coach”? Doesn’t he help you with fashion? 
It was kind of a joke we had at first. We didn’t really know exactly what his role was – I guess he was sort of came on as my stylist, to develop what I like. So we kind of made up this swagger-coach title and now everyone refers to it. But it’s not like he is teaching me how to swagger.

Do you miss not being able to go to the mall during the day?
I definitely miss being able to walk around the mall and stuff, but I love what I am doing and I love that I can perform for millions of people and have their support. But there are ups and downs, you know, like everything else. Right now I try to stay positive and not worry about the negative and work on how I can become a better person.

Are you still buddies with Usher?
He’s working on his album and I have been working on mine, so we haven’t got to see each other as much as before but he is a great friend of mine and I talk to him at least once a week.

Everything I’ve read about you suggests that you’re lucky not to have a stage mom from hell. But doesn’t it get too much traveling with her all the time?
My mom’s amazing and so supportive. She’s not pushy and respects everything I do. It can get irritating — what 16-year-old do you know who is with his mom 24/7? But we take breaks from each other every now and then. Like now, I am in London and she’s back home. But I love my mom, I love her and I miss her to death.

What’s different about the new album?
We did most of it in Atlanta this time. We had Ludacris and worked with a lot of cool people like Tricky and The-Dream. My first album was actually my first time in the studio so I hope this new one is a lot better. I was basically a rookie last album because it was during my first year.

Says the wise old man of 16.
Yes, I’m so old, right? But I am definitely more comfortable in a studio setting and stuff.

Lyrically, are you also growing up? A recent song you did for Wal-Mart, “Where Are You Now?”, talked about your dad being absent after your parents broke up and revealed another side of you.
I think I am growing up and that the lyrics show that. That song is about my dad and having him not always being there. But my dad and I now have a great relationship. And I’m fine that stuff like that is coming out. I want to sing about things that are going on in my life, and a lot of people will be able to relate to it.

Finally, you’ve been a viral Internet sensation since you posted a video of yourself doing a cover of Matchbox 20’s “3 A.M.” in a singing competition a couple of years ago. Are there any viral videos that you’re obsessed with?
For sure. I really like “Scarlet Takes a Tumble.” This girl is singing on a table and gets a little carried away and falls off. It’s stupid, and I’ve seen it a million times, but I still think it’s hilarious.


I wonder if Miley and Justin talked. And if yes, I wonder what they were talking about.

Nah, they probably stayed away from each other I bet. We all know there’s been a history and recently Justin was quoted as saying he doesn’t “want do the whole Hannah Montana thing”. Even though he meant it to say he doesn’t want to do the tv-to-music way to get famous, we all know it’s a little jab at Miley.

What? Third time now that he dissed her! Ok if they did talk and meet face to face then this will be the most of their conversation:

“Hi” and “Hi”

This Alan Carr guy is really funny.

Justin Bieber Dutch Interview


Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber is teaming up with 1-800-Flowers.com to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not only did the 15-year-old pop sensation help create the “One Less Lonely Girl” floral arrangement based on his hit song for the holiday, but Justin is also planning to do a meet and greet with the winner of 1-800-Flowers.com’s sweepstakes. Here’s what Justin revealed to Star about his V-Day plans and what he is looking for in a girl.

Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day?
I will actually be performing in Los Angeles. No date, just performing.

 What is your ideal girl like? The two qualities she has to have are, one, she has to make me laugh because I like a sense of humor and I like to laugh. And two, I also like a girl who is smart so we can carry on a conversation.

What would be your ideal date? As long as she is happy, I am happy. Whatever she wants to do, I am down for. I would want her to tell me what she wants to do and then I will plan it.

Do you have a favorite song you would sing to her? I don’t really sing to girls on dates. Sorry to disappoint you. 

What’s up next for you professionally?I have been in the recording studio working on some new material so that has been keeping me busy.

Do you write your own songs? Yes. I also co-write with a great group of people too. I get a lot of inspiration from Michael Jackson and I also liked Boyz II Men growing up.

Would you ever want to try your hand at acting? I just did a guest spot on the show True Jackson and appeared in the movie School Girls for Nickelodeon. The movie is about a group of dancers that have a beef with another group of dancers. It was a lot of fun to film. 

– starmagazine.com

Leave It To Bieber

There’s no escaping the phenomenon known as Justin Bieber. At age 15, this small town boy from Canada is practically everywhere! With Usher backing him all the way, Justin has charmed his way in millions of prepubescent hearts. And the secret to his success? Nick Cannon might have the answer.

“Justin Bieber’s definitely about to take the world by storm if he hasn’t already,” explained the rapper who’s married to Mariah Carey to MTV News. “He’s filling a void that hasn’t been filled since the Backstreet Boys and ‘NSYNC and all of that stuff.”

And they say boy bands are dead. Across the pond, U.K., boyband JLS is also said to be filling up the void left by their predecessors like Blue and all other boy bands that we don’t really remember much of. So does the world need more good looking boys who can sing and dance? It’s a rhetorical question, of course! Boys like girls and girls like boys. It’s only natural, folks!

Back to the subject matter, we managed to grab a hold of Mr. Teenage Hot Stuff for some quick fire questions. Brace yourself and here goes!

Justin Bieber – Photo by: Larry Marano
It’s been said that 2010 will be the year of Justin Bieber. Do you feel pressured to live up to expectations?

I’m just having fun! I’m living a dream. What can I say? No pressure.

How does it feel to have girls all swooning over you?

I’m 15. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it! (Laughs) I just stay humble and grounded and have fun with what’s going on.

How does it feel to have such great success at such as a young age? Does it all seem surreal?

It all seems very surreal! I’m a kid from a small town who didn’t expect any of this. It’s all a dream!

Being a child prodigy, do you feel that talent is an in-born thing or could it be trained?

I can’t speak for everybody but I can say that in my own life God has blessed me very much. I thank him everyday for giving me the abilities and the talents I have. I will never take that for granted. I’m extremely blessed.

It’s reported that you have a “swagger” coach. What’s the best advice Ryan Good has given you?

(Laughs) That was a joke me and Ryan had. He mentors me in style as he’s my stylist. The best advice he has given me is to just feel comfortable. Wear the clothes don’t let them wear you.

What bands/music soundtracked your childhood when you were growing up?

Definitely Boys II Men, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Usher, Justin Timberlake and also classic rock like Guns N Roses!

You’ve taught yourself various instruments since you were young. What attracted you to music?

It’s just something I fell in love with at an early age. I started playing drums when I was young and my mom’s friends would come over with instruments and stuff. I just really love music!

Prior to your musical success, you lived in a low-income housing with your single mother. Does it make you proud that you are able to support the family at 15?

God has blessed us tremendously! My goal is to buy my mom a house. She worked very hard to provide for me so I want to show her I’m appreciative for everything.

How does it feel to be part of the “We Are The World” 25th anniversary remake? You even sung the opening line!

Unbelievable! Words cannot describe the experience! I was singing next to Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion among all of these legends. So humbling!

Usher’s got your back and you have met and worked with tons of celebrities. Did you have any star struck moment? Who do you most want to meet/work with but haven’t?

When I first met Usher I thought to myself ‘Wow that’s Usher!” and when I met Beyonce I pinched myself a little. I’d love to work with her in the future.

Any plans to come to Asia to meet your fans here?

I do have plans. I can’t wait! Keep checking my Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages for updates!

– mtvasia.com