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As a person who doesn’t have a tattoo, you can probably imagine what I think of them. I don’t mind other people having them but for myself, well, I don’t like unnecessary pain. And possibly regret.

Some people’s tattoos look really nice, like the one Justin has under his right ear or Nicole Richie’s anklet tat. But a lot of times people over do it. And this was what I was afraid of when Justin got his first tattoo. Well I kinda feel like he reached that point with his newest tattoo on the back of his neck. It’s not ugly. It’s just too much.


This is likely the last picture we’ll see of Justin without said tattoo. It was taken at the Versace Mansion in Miami within the last 2 days.


Above is him leaving the mansion yesterday, Dec 10th. He probably wasn’t trying to go incognito but rather hiding the tattoo which he was planning to debut later that night on The Late Late Show in New York.

You can tell here that the tattoo is still pretty fresh as Justin is having a hard time turning his head.

Maybe it’ll grow on me. Idk. Personally I just hope he doesn’t get any more tattoos because as Kim Kardashian would say, “You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley.”


UPDATE: It looks like none of the 2 winners from Facebook have contacted us. Unfortunately there is no way for us to contact the Facebook winners directly to let them know they won. The deadline to report was on Monday. It’s now Thursday so if the prizes are not claimed by tomorrow morning then there will be 3 new winners drawn (BieberLuvMania’s Twitter account no longer exists.)

Winners of a free movie rental & Justin Bieber poster courtesy of Redbox
(Note 2 winners were replaced because they were not following us on Twitter. Make sure follow @JBShrine and ‘like‘ our Facebook fanpage before the next draw which will be tomorrow night.)

1. bellaignacio

2. BieberLuvMania (account no longer exists) LAlovesbieberr <====== NEW

3. Bieberhugger

4. Hannah Snipes (Facebook) √

5. Niya Hyde (Facebook) √

Winners of a NSN DVD plus a bottle of OPI nail polish
(When you email us tell us which color you want.)

1. Chloe Timmins (from ?) Facebook winner Krystal Han <====== NEW

2. Suraya Salim (Malaysia) Twitter winner √

Winners of a NSN DVD/Blu-Ray combo courtesy of Paramount

1. Gemma Williams Facebook winner √ <———– need your address Gemma

2. Georgia Bieber (from the UK) Twitter winner √

Winner of the signed copy of NSN DVD/Blu-Ray combo

1. Janela Evangelista (from the Philippines) √

If you are one of the lucky winners you have until Monday May 23th to email us at jb-shrine @ hotmail.com. Please tell us your full name and address in the email. If we do not get in contact with any of the above winners by Friday then new winners will be announced the next day.

Congratulations to all the winners. And if you didn’t win this time then don’t worry because we have more contests planned for the near future.


(Read Part 1 first here)

You know what I learned about Hollywood this year? I learned something people in Hollywood would never want you to know. Forget Perez Hilton, TMZ , and Radar Online. These sites are good for informing you what they could report on but it’s what they can’t report on which is the juicy stuff. [continue reading…]


I don’t think we’ve ever had a closer poll. As of now there are 1664 votes total with 827 for crotch and 837 for armpit. That’s 49% vs 50%!!! Crazy tight.

As promised here is the follow-up to the “Justin Bieber Crotch” or “Justin Bieber Armpit” picture? post. The truth will reveal that not only is JB a total prankster, but he’s really naughty too! Aowwwwww 😉

Here’s the story…..

Last week Justin posted this pic (below) on this Plixi account,

then deleted it and posted the pic of his new Blackberry after.

The story that went around was that Justin either took the picture of him touching his crotch accidently or he took it to send to Selena but accidently posted it on Plixi when he was trying to post the Blackberry picture.

The truth is Justin was just being the prankster that he always is, but this time he’s being a really naughty boy. That picture above is of his armpit but he flipped it up side down because he knew it would look like he was grabbing his crotch and posted it and quickly deleted it for the fans fun.

Below is how the original picture really looks like, right side up.


Sorry guys but it’ really Justin’s armpit. lol :p

Are you kinda disappointed? So were you right or where you wrong?


UPDATE: There are many copycat articles on the net but what you are about to read is the original Jelena Exposed Article. You should link back to this article if you use it’s contents. Thank you.

Can the title be more blunt?

I’ve always been a straight forward, honest person. So honest that some people who don’t know me mistaken it for rude. So I anticipate that what I am going to say will surely make some of you upset. I mean specifically you Selena and Jelena fans. If you’re starting to get upset already reading up to this point then I suggest you go here immediately.

And for those who choose to read on I assume that you at least are open to what I have to say about Justin and Selena’s relationship. Remember this is just my personal opinion.

First let me say that I have nothing against Selena Gomez. I really do think she’s a nice girl. I know I call her Selena Gohome sometimes but I’m just being a clown. Selena is a nice girl. I’m sure of it. Much nicer than someone like Miley and Demi.

But like Miley and Demi, (and must we add Britney, Lindsay, and Christina) she too is a product of Disney. And like it or not, you can’t help but to expect that there is some pressure on Selena to make headlines and to sell. Her career depends on it. Demi has been making headlines for going crazy and Miley has always been crazy. Selena doesn’t do crazy. So what does she do? Justin Bieber. (Keep in mind that her show “Wizards of Waverly Place” is ending, she has a new album coming out in June, and those tickets for her upcoming tour better sell!!)

So where should I start?

[continue reading…]



Justin Bieber has proven he has the golden touch. But does JB have what it takes to conquer Hollywood?

It’s coming down to the wire and the race can’t be any closer.

Going into this weekend Hollywood insiders predicted that Justin’s “Never Say Never 3D” would take second place while “Just Go For It” starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston would become the #1 movie this Valentine’s Day weekend. Well Justin might be able to put a stop to their celebration.

First a little background. When you make a movie, what you want is for that movie to be #1 in it’s opening weekend. To determine who is the box office winner they only count ticket sales for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They add those up and which ever movie makes the most in the USA for those 3 days total will be crowned “#1 movie at the box office.”

This weekend there are 4 big movies opening including Never Say Never. With huge movie stars like Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler, and Nicole Kidman “Just Go For It” was predicted to definitely top the box office this Valentine’s Day weekend. When the ticket sales totals for Friday came in it looked like Justin was going to do the impossible. With “Never Say Never” taking in $12.35 million vs $9.7 million for “Just Go For It” for Friday alone, it looked like the impossible started looking more probable than not.

Well the latest numbers so far will shock you. If ticket sales go at the pace they are going at right now, “Just Go For It” is expected to make $31,000,000. And “Never Say Never” you ask? It’s expected to make $30,260,000. It can’t be any closer.



But of course Sunday just started in North America so Sunday’s numbers won’t be official until Monday. This means that at this very moment Justin and Scooter must be anxious waiting to see if Justin will officially do the impossible and have the #1 movie at the box office beating out Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, 2 hugely successful and popular movie stars. If Justin does it it would be an amazing accomplishment.

So to all you Americans reading our blog, we ask that if you are planning to watch this movie anyway then call your friends, get dressed up, and hit the movie theatres (No I didn’t spell it wrong. This is how Canadians and British spell theater.) before Sunday is over. Justin needs our help right now and I bet you he doesn’t even know exactly how close the race is. (Justin come to our site already geez!)

So please go watch the movie TODAY!!