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omg that looks absolutely nuts. There’s no shortage of love for JB in Sydney.

justin bieber norway 2012 fans boat chase

“got followed last night in a WHOLE new way. NORWAY! thank you. Paris is next.” – Justin Bieber

Craziness! Norway definitely loves the Biebs.


Found this awesome video of how things really went down the other day when Justin was trying to leave his hotel to return to the US. The British fans are crazy for the Biebz. This just shows, it’s Justin’s world – and we’re just living in it.

justin bieber kissing a fan 2012

Here JB is answering questions from Austrian fans. Dang he’s such a flirt! I bet you he gets in trouble with Selena sometimes šŸ™‚

justin bieber leaving london april 2012

Craziness! This is the scene outside the hotel yesterday where Justin was staying at in London. People were screaming and crying because they didn’t want Justin to leave. They surrounded his car and one die-hard Belieber even had the guts to climb on top of it! Security guards had to be called in to get the girl off the car so Justin could make it to the airport in order to catch his flight to New York City where he had to attend the Tribeca Film Festival today.

justin bieber kissing fans tribeca film festival

Selena! Are you watching?? Do you like this new greeting style? lololol

Justin should greet all his fans like this from now on. Hugs are so old fashion. šŸ˜›