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justin bieber no shirt 04

After arriving in Sydney, Australia early in the morning, Justin Bieber and his entourage hit the beach for some sand and surf on Saturday (April 24).

Showing off his athletic prowess with a game of water football, the 16-year-old pop sensation spent the afternoon at Whale Beach, tucked safely away from the thousands of female fans who will likely track his every move from hereon in.

Meanwhile, in news that’ll likely cause his fans to go into overdrive, Justin has spoken out about his love life live on Japanese TV.

“I’m single right now, I travel a lot so it would be difficult,” he says. “Maybe in the future. Whatever happens, happens.”

When asked if he was enjoying his time in Japan, Bieber replied: “Japan is probably one of my favourite places I’ve ever been to.”

He added: “When I thought of Japan I thought of sushi and ninjas and now I just think it’s a really nice place and people are pretty nice.”


Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 01Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 02Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 03Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 04Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 05
Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 06 Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 07Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 08Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 09Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 10
Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 11Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 12 Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 13Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 14Justin-bieber-no-shirt justin bieber no shirt 15 Playing the game: Justin Bieber takes time out from promoting his album to enjoy an afternoon at Whale Beach in Sydney Justin Bieber Ball games: The Canadian teen sensation spent time on the beach with his friends Water baby: Bieber took to the sea in a canoe as he chilled out with his band Popular: The singer posed with a lifeguard during his time on the beach - he was also joined by his band in singing for a fan

justin Bieber boner penis

I’m sorry if this picture offends anyone but from the current poll it seems like
most of you would rather I post this (kind of) picture than not.

What do you think of this picture?

Btw, doesn’t that face look familiar?

Justin Bieber FLIRTING In The Bahamas

Justin Bieber flirting with a cute girl while on vacation in the Bahamas recently. Featured in the new issue of Popstar! [Which has more pix from his vacation!] Justin on E! News & discussing rumored Twitter Trending BAN!

Justin Bieber FLIRTING In The BahamasJustin Bieber FLIRTING In The Bahamas
Justin Bieber shirtless armpits
new Justin Bieber shirtless pics

BRAND NEW Justin Bieber shirtless pictures


Time for an adjustment

justin bieber grabs penis crotch

Time for an adjustment. 😉

Justin Bieber's UnderwareJustin Bieber's Underware

Justin Bieber's UnderwareJustin Bieber's Underware