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sexiest hottest justin bieber picture 2012 video


OMB! Sooooooo sexay!! This video got me all hot and bothered. He’s obviously been working out hard and his body is looking so damn HOT! chiseled. Can’t wait for the pics from his photoshoot to come out.

So what do you think of the NEW BIEBER BODY?


John, a regular reader of JBShrine has been bugging me like crazy to post this picture but I keep saying no because I don’t think it’s Justin. I don’t like posting fake pictures on here unless its funny or worth it. But John has been bugging me so much insisting that it’s real that I’m going to get your guys opinion on this.

sexy justin bieber shirtless picture 2012

Is this Justin Bieber or is it a fake?

When I asked for proof John sent in a “screen capture” of Dan Kanter’s tweet confirming that it’s JB but the screen cap looks photoshopped to me.

But I’ll let you guys decide. Look closely at the pic….

justin bieber jerry siva kaneswaran the wanted

“My fans are a little inappropriate.”

True. Guilty as charged. But we can’t help it. You’re such a tease.

Oh and it looks like Siva’s planning to hit Justin’s balls back:

justin bieber cute picture 2012 london april

OMG what can I say? Here’s Justin today outside Capital FM radio station revealing his red hot underwear for everyone to see. Do you think his thumb accidently lifted his shirt up? 🙂 Well if you know Justin as well as I do then I’m sure you know it was probably no accident. He’s probably trying to tease us fans because it’s happened many times before. Like any other teenage boy with raging hormones Justin is very sexual. If you haven’t noticed it then here’s just a few examples of what I’m talking about:

He knows exactly what he’s doing 😉 to us! Maybe one day Jerry Bieber will make an appearance! lol

justin bieber’s bum 2012 heathrow airport

To say that there was mayhem yesterday at Heathrow airport is an understatement. My only question is why did he only have one security guard there to protect him? No wonder he was whacking and bumping his way through the airport. And poor Mosh.


By taking off his shirt! Ya ya!! Justin was at his hotel today in London and when he saw his fans he decided to make them all happy. By flashing some skin! That’s funny and really adorable. Justin next time the pants! The pants!! lmao