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justin bieber armpit hair

 Justin and Selena Gomez getting their tan on by the pool in Cabo, Mexico today where they will be attending Selena’s friend’s wedding.

Hello! lol



Oh I’m so bad today. But I know you love it.


justin bieber bulge undewear

Justin Bieber's bulge shows in Paris with Selena Gomez

Sexy! <3333 I hope this fashion trend catches on. lol. Do you like this new style?


Shirtless Justin Bieber is a Sexy Beast

Rawrrrr!!! He should take all his pictures like this don’t you think? 😉

justin bieber grabbing selena gomez boobs

Wow! Justin is groping Selena everywhere. Her boobs. Her butt. And she seems to really like it. I mean just WOW!! Isn’t he worried that the cameras are gonna catch them? I mean PDA is one thing but these pictures are a bit much. I know he loves her and all but I don’t know…. I really think they should get a room.

Justin Bieber grabbing Selena Gomez butt in Winnipeg

Look at her face. LMAO!! And yes I did notice their jersey numbers O_O TMI!!
What do you think of these pictures?

justin bieber shirtless 2011 venezuela

It was the very last concert of Justin’s My World Tour last night in Caracas, Venezuela and he celebrated the occasion by jumping out onstage at the end of the concert wearing no shirt. Yup, he knows what the ladies like. 😉