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Justin Bieber Dress Up Game

Justin Bieber dress up game

I need to stop playing this dress up game. But it’s so cool! If you haven’t tried it then try it out and dress Justin up the way you want to see him. You can even layer him up. Or just leave him naked! lol


Leave It To Bieber

There’s no escaping the phenomenon known as Justin Bieber. At age 15, this small town boy from Canada is practically everywhere! With Usher backing him all the way, Justin has charmed his way in millions of prepubescent hearts. And the secret to his success? Nick Cannon might have the answer.

“Justin Bieber’s definitely about to take the world by storm if he hasn’t already,” explained the rapper who’s married to Mariah Carey to MTV News. “He’s filling a void that hasn’t been filled since the Backstreet Boys and ‘NSYNC and all of that stuff.”

And they say boy bands are dead. Across the pond, U.K., boyband JLS is also said to be filling up the void left by their predecessors like Blue and all other boy bands that we don’t really remember much of. So does the world need more good looking boys who can sing and dance? It’s a rhetorical question, of course! Boys like girls and girls like boys. It’s only natural, folks!

Back to the subject matter, we managed to grab a hold of Mr. Teenage Hot Stuff for some quick fire questions. Brace yourself and here goes!

Justin Bieber – Photo by: Larry Marano
It’s been said that 2010 will be the year of Justin Bieber. Do you feel pressured to live up to expectations?

I’m just having fun! I’m living a dream. What can I say? No pressure.

How does it feel to have girls all swooning over you?

I’m 15. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it! (Laughs) I just stay humble and grounded and have fun with what’s going on.

How does it feel to have such great success at such as a young age? Does it all seem surreal?

It all seems very surreal! I’m a kid from a small town who didn’t expect any of this. It’s all a dream!

Being a child prodigy, do you feel that talent is an in-born thing or could it be trained?

I can’t speak for everybody but I can say that in my own life God has blessed me very much. I thank him everyday for giving me the abilities and the talents I have. I will never take that for granted. I’m extremely blessed.

It’s reported that you have a “swagger” coach. What’s the best advice Ryan Good has given you?

(Laughs) That was a joke me and Ryan had. He mentors me in style as he’s my stylist. The best advice he has given me is to just feel comfortable. Wear the clothes don’t let them wear you.

What bands/music soundtracked your childhood when you were growing up?

Definitely Boys II Men, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Usher, Justin Timberlake and also classic rock like Guns N Roses!

You’ve taught yourself various instruments since you were young. What attracted you to music?

It’s just something I fell in love with at an early age. I started playing drums when I was young and my mom’s friends would come over with instruments and stuff. I just really love music!

Prior to your musical success, you lived in a low-income housing with your single mother. Does it make you proud that you are able to support the family at 15?

God has blessed us tremendously! My goal is to buy my mom a house. She worked very hard to provide for me so I want to show her I’m appreciative for everything.

How does it feel to be part of the “We Are The World” 25th anniversary remake? You even sung the opening line!

Unbelievable! Words cannot describe the experience! I was singing next to Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion among all of these legends. So humbling!

Usher’s got your back and you have met and worked with tons of celebrities. Did you have any star struck moment? Who do you most want to meet/work with but haven’t?

When I first met Usher I thought to myself ‘Wow that’s Usher!” and when I met Beyonce I pinched myself a little. I’d love to work with her in the future.

Any plans to come to Asia to meet your fans here?

I do have plans. I can’t wait! Keep checking my Twitter, Facebook and MySpace pages for updates!

– mtvasia.com


Justin Bieber sings on Valentine’s Day in Hollywood, at Olympics in Vancouver, in NYC on The View

Music sensation Justin Bieber is headed for Hollywood to woo his loving fans on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010. Then, this young upstart will appear at the Olympics on screen during opening day as part of the ‘We Are the World’ video debut (Bieber sings the opening line). After that, the 15-year-old will head for New York City to appear on The View, where he’ll perform as well.


Whew! This guy sure gets around.

But back to Valentine’s Day.

Not only will the crowd thrill to the great music from this talented Canadian, but they will also get a chance to visit the iconic Hollywood Palladium where the very likable Bieber will sing such hits as ‘Baby’, ‘One Time’, and ‘One Less Lonely Girl’. Expect plenty of screaming, a trait true to all devoted Bieber fans, for which there are plenty. In fact, the artist spends lots of time on Twitter.com on his account @justinbieber. talking to and with literally millions who like (and even love) the teen star.

Meanwhile, the next formal performance for Justin Biber is being held in a huge venue Hollywood-ites consider a true Los Angeles treasure, done in streamlined Art Deco style and standing on the spot of the original Paramount Studios lot. Opening day at the Palladium was on Halloween in 1940 and the headliner was Frank Sinatra. Not a bad start for this venerable establishment that still pulls in the best talent and the biggest names.

Speaking of: Justin Bieber, the 15-year-old sensation will grace the Hollywood Palladium on the night when sweethearts celebrate. A heartthrob for teens and tweens everywhere, this talented warbler will surely light up this very cool venue in an uplifting way on that special day.

After this stint, look for Justin Bieber on ‘The View’, scheduled for March 16, 2010.

– gather.com

In less than one year’s time, Justin Bieber has gone from YouTube sensation to world wide phenomenon after Usher battled a bout of insomnia by falling deep into an internet link jumping blackhole, discovering and then signed the 15-year-old to Island Records. Not only has Justin become a fixture on the radio, but also on the bedroom walls of tween girls everywhere — one of the most essential (and toughest) demographics to crack.
Now, he’s partnered up with 1-800-Flowers in creating the One Less Lonely Girl bouquet (named after his song) just in time for Valentine’s Day. You know, back in my day, all it took was dropping a one-sided Power Rangers card into a desk-mounted “mailbox” to snag a date. Ah, how times have changed.

PopWrap: How did you get involved with 1-800-Flowers’ One Less Lonely Girl bouquet? 
Justin Bieber: My manager’s the one that set it up and I thought it was great idea. I’m all for it since it’s definitely not a bad thing to bring a girl flowers.

PW: Do you have a Valentine this year? 
Justin: I have one person that I’ll be sending flowers to and that’s my mom. She’s been there since the beginning and has given up a lot for me, I’m very blessed to have her. She likes roses, so I think I might send her the One Less Lonely Girl bouquet.

PW: You’re only 15 years old, so have you had a chance to really lavish a girl in presents? 
Justin: I haven’t been able to be as romantic as probably I will be able to be, but I think that being a gentleman is what matters; taking them out to a nice dinner, open the doors, stuff like that. Flowers are great, but love is better – you know what I mean?

PW: Do you have any crushes right now? 
Justin: I have crushes, but they’re all too old. Like Beyonce – she has a husband, I might get shot. [laughs] I went up to give Beyonce a hug at the Grammys and Jay-Z said, watch out buddy! He was kidding, but you know…

PW: Now you’re about to kick off a world tour, what can people expect? 
Justin: My show is developing more and more. I started with 2 dancers and a DJ and we’ve worked our way up. I’ve got 5 dancers now and we’re trying to make it more and more exciting. But it’s all about the vocals and making the audience have a good time.

PW: You’ve had a pretty exciting couple of years yourself, can you process everything that’s happened? 
Justin: Yeah, you know, it’s crazy. This whole thing has been amazing — to present at the Grammys and be a part of “We Are The World” has been crazy. And last year was even crazier. I mean, I got to perform for the president!

PW: You have a new album (“My World: Part 2”) dropping March 23, looking ahead are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with on part 3?
Justin: I would like to work with Taylor Swift. She’s an amazing writer. And, well, you know … Beyonce.