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This is for you, @JustinBieber. I hope you like it 🙂 You are an inspiration to many people, as was your inspiration, MJ. you are helping to MAKE A CHANGE!! 🙂 This song is amazing, so it only felt right to make this for you and remind others that you love helping kids.

Beliebers, I hope the video gets you inspired! tweet #makeachange on twitter and comment below what change you want to make in the world or what you already have done 🙂


Akon made a special appearance at last night’s taping of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in NYC. Besides singing his hit “Angel” and dancing with sexy models, he took time out to talk to OK! about his dream collaboration and Justin Bieber.

“U2 is the only one I haven’t collaborated with. That’s my next goal,” he told OK! “I will kidnap Bono. Trust me! I will hold him hostage for his vocals.”

What about collaborating with the teen dream that is Justin? Akon revealed to OK! “Yeah, that’s my little man. I actually just did a record with him on his next album.”

Not only did they do a song together but Akon said, “I’m giving him pointers on how to pull all the women.” He wouldn’t reveal his best tip however, “You have to just hear the song. You’ll love it!”

We don’t doubt that!

Not only is Akon helping Bieber with the ladies, he has a new clothing line coming out in February for more check out www.aliaune.eu and check out the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show airing on CBS Nov. 30 at 10 p.m.

Justin Bieber loves making prank calls and recently called singer Akon and pretended to be his illegitimate son.

Justin Bieber pretended to be Akon’s illegitimate son.

The 16-year-old singer prank-called the music star after stealing his number from the phone of his manager Scooter.

Scooter recalled: “He was like, ‘Daddy, why don’t you love me?’ It really scared the s**t out of Akon!”

Justin was later asked about his telephone tricks by a fan on twitter and admitted making joke calls to people is one of his favourite pastimes.

He tweeted: “R u Kidding of course I do!! I prank everyone!! No 1 is safe 🙂 (sic)”

Although Justin is constantly surrounded by his management, bodyguards and publicist, the ‘Baby’ singer has also admitted he sometimes feels overwhelmed by the devotion he is shown by his friends.

He told New York magazine: “It’s definitely amazing to me that I have such amazing fans. But, like, at the same time, I mean. I’m claustrophobic, really bad. I don’t like to be closed in.”

Despite his comments, the singer is keen to stay close to his admirers, particularly his female fans.

He tweeted: “hello girls… i think we should all hang out very soon… all of us… together… often. 😉 (sic)”