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Justin and his crew enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving dinner in Sydney, Australia as they continue the Believe Tour and Alfredo tweeted about their dinner last night:


@alfredoflores: Really wishing we could of imported some grandmas out here but this plate isn’t bad for being in Australia. Happy Thanksgiving and always remember, no prayer can be better than the prayer of giving sincere thanks and praises to God.


Justin seems to be great with kids. Especially when he’s with his little brother and sister. I’m sure he’ll make a great dad someday. And btw, notice the fake tattoo?

Also see: Justin Bieber holding Alfredo Flores’ godson Wudzy


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (along with Alfredo Flores who is taking the picture) had a movie date yesterday (April 8, 2012). They went to the Arc Light theatres in Sherman Oaks, California to watch “American Reunion” and they happen to run into one of our readers! Thanks Shaina for the picture. You are so lucky! 🙂

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justin bieber boyfriend preview

“Yes Yes Yes — on the teaser video posted today the lyrics are different from the lyrics that were posted yesterday on Justin’s website. No, this is NOT a prank. Mike Posner wrote this song with Justin. Therefore, the lyrics in the video were the lyrics that Mike wrote, however, Justin re-wrote them, added his own flavor and wrote his entire rap. The FINAL lyrics to the song BOYFRIEND were posted on his website yesterday. So there is no tricking.. you guys are just seeing (on the teaser) the part of the song Mike wrote before Justin re-wrote his parts. That is all. Stop going crazy and tripping.”

– Alfredo Flores

OMG this sounds incredible!!!!!!! I can’t wait until Monday!


Wow Justin and Selena look drunk in every picture.

justin bieber guinness world record

Yay! Everyone deserves a pat on the back because we did it! Justin (well more like us fans) holds the world record for the most messages sent through social media (twitter, facebook) within 24 hours. Alfredo Flores confirmed it through Twitter:

“YOU DID IT! Justin now holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Social Media Messages in 24hrs”!! Great Birthday Gift! #BEASTMODE”


….or maybe even friends at all!

chaz somers justin bieber ryan butler

Chaz Somers hangs out with Justin Bieber & Ryan Butler

Back on January 6th I told you guys that Justin and Chaz were in a fight after Justin got mad at Chaz for accusing Selena of dating Justin just for publicity.

This fight was confirmed when Justin tweeted and intentionally left out Chaz’s name who we know, along with Ryan, has been Justin’s best friend since they were young:

#realfriends @itsRyanButler and @officialjaden

Shortly after I made the post on JBShrine I noticed that Chaz was starting to get a lot of harassment from Beliebers on Twitter asking him if it was true or not. Chaz then tweeted:

I wasn’t totally convinced. Not because I think Chaz is a liar but because I got the feeling, from reading his twitter, that he was getting tired of all the harassment he got so he tweeted that to make people stop.

Today there seems to be more proof that Chaz and Justin indeed are no longer friends. Justin once again publicly declaring the best friends he could ever have by posting this picture on Twitter, and again intentionally completely leaving Chaz Somers out of the equation…

"We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have" - Justin Bieber

This is probably the reason why we’ve been seeing Ryan with him everywhere but Chaz is nowhere in site since the fight. If all this is true then I hope they make up soon! Good friends are hard to find. Especially when you’re a big celebrity.