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I finally fixed JBShrine’s Art Gallery. Check it out. My computer is still kinda broken so I can’t make new art pieces (lol) but hopefully I can find some other way to do it. If you want to include a piece of artwork you have done in the Art Gallery please contact us. You will be fully credited for your work.

And please if you use any of my artwork (yes I did them all except “Big Brother“) please credit JBShrine. I actually found out someone stole the “My Deep Blue World” picture (above) that I created, chopped off JBShrine’s name on the bottom, made it into a big poster, and SOLD IT ON AMAZON! Unbelievable what some people would do to make money.

justin bieber christmas drawing 2011

This drawing is good but you would expect nothing but perfection from Jardc87  :/



I had to take out the picture of the full sculpture and the story behind the sculpture down as it may not be appropriate. Sorry guys.

justin bieber cartoon music video

If you like this then check out Jardc87’s other work.


This Jardc87 person is really good at art. We’ve posted a video of his on Shrine before. It’s a Justin Bieber drawing.

Awesome Justin Bieber Drawing

Thanks CJ for sending this in. This really is an amazing drawing of JB. It would have been perfect if he wasn’t cross-eyed. Know what I mean? LOL!! (Sorry, you know I’m always blunt.) But seriously, thumbs up to whoever did this drawing. The lips are perfect. It’s just those eyes.

Btw CJ sorry but I’ve been really busy lately so not as much time to do posts. But there’s a JB news ticker under the menu bar on the home page That will always have the latest JB news.  😉


Jardc87 is an amazing artist. Click here to see the previous post we did of his drawing.