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Famous artist Elizabeth Peyton last week showcased her newest work of art at the Art Basel, a world famous art show featuring modern and contemporary works from close to 300 international art galleries.

Often compared to Andy Warhol, Peyton, 48, is well known for her iconic, androgynous oil (also watercolor, pencil and etching) portraits of popular culture names including David Bowie, Kanye West, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Prince William and Prince Harry, Chloë Sevigny, Marc Jacobs, Abraham Lincoln, Eminem, and members of the Kennedy family.

And the subject of her latest art piece? Justin Bieber.

When asked why she chose the Biebz as her subject she said because he’s an artist she admires.

The piece titled “Never Say Never (Justin)” shows JB in a in reflective, vulnerable state:

justin bieber painting elizabeth peytonJustin Bieber painting “Never Say Never (Justin)” by Elizabeth Peyton


Click on the pic to englarge

I finally fixed JBShrine’s Art Gallery. Check it out. My computer is still kinda broken so I can’t make new art pieces (lol) but hopefully I can find some other way to do it. If you want to include a piece of artwork you have done in the Art Gallery please contact us. You will be fully credited for your work.

And please if you use any of my artwork (yes I did them all except “Big Brother“) please credit JBShrine. I actually found out someone stole the “My Deep Blue World” picture (above) that I created, chopped off JBShrine’s name on the bottom, made it into a big poster, and SOLD IT ON AMAZON! Unbelievable what some people would do to make money.

justin bieber selena gomez drawing 2011

Jardc87 is back with another amazing piece of work. Well Justin does look kinda odd here, like older or something here. It’s the nose and chin.

Check out all his other work here.


Justin Bieber drawing by Jhonatan Kalsnes

These awesome drawings of JB were submitted by one of our talented readers from Norway. Jhonatan has a site where he posts all his celebrity drawings like Lady Gaga, Angela Jolie, Miley Cyrus and more….


Visit Jhonatan’s site here.


Hope you like it. I’ll make some more.
Previous pictures I’ve done.

Because not all of you can go meet Justin in person, I have the next best thing. I tried making you guys a 3D picture of Justin for your photo collection. Place your mouse over the picture for a look.

Justin Bieber Shrine Artwork 4

The effect looks better on a solid background. You can find this picture and other artworks of Justin that I made when the ART GALLERY opens.

Please leave a comment on this picture. I would love to know what you think of it so I know for next time.

Justin Bieber Shrine Artwork 3

The Justin Bieber Shrine is officially one month old!

A month ago I started the Shrine in honor of the hottest and cutest singer in the world. I wanted it to be a way for me to express my love and support for Justin. It was supposed to be a small project but it slowly turned into something very special to me.

If you’ve been coming to this site for the last month you can see how the site has slowly transformed from this to what you see today. The visitors that come to here keeps building every day. We went from 0 to over 3000 hits a day in just 1 month. That is nuts! This is great not only for the site but also because it shows that the numbers of Beliebers are growing every day and from everywhere around the world!

I want to thank my brother for helping me out with the site. This is the ultimate birthday present ever! Thank you. Thanks to Jamaila, yhanie24, Melissa, and the other Shrine regulars for your support. Thank you for visiting this site everyday and making me laugh while I work to make the site better.

Thank you everyone and I hope you come along with me in this journey while we slowly witness the making of a superstar on the rise. The incredibly talented, hot, sexy, cute, adorable, sweet, funny…….Justin Drew Bieber.

What do you think of the site so far? How about entering a comment in our new Guestbook?