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Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber in the Bahamas together

The death threats from Justin Bieber fans could soon resume for Kim Kardashian. The sexy reality star is currently in the Bahamas and she is not alone.

Kim recently posted a photo on Twitter with a teaser to her fans. The caption stated: “Can u guess who I’m in the Bahamas with???”

While the photo is dark, it is not difficult to figure out which famous celebrity is getting cozy with Kim. Any loyal Justin Bieber fan would recognize his adorable silhouette anywhere.

Justin has been in the Bahamas all weekend while Kim just arrived on Sunday. She had been in Miami for a bachelorette party over the weekend and eventually made her way to a lavish resort in the Bahamas. Both Kim and Justin are staying at Atlantis, presumably in separate rooms.

While Kim was partying with a stripper in Miami, Justin was busy having his own fun over the weekend. He was out at Club Rush on Saturday night, partying until 2am Sunday morning.

After Kim and Justin met at the White House Correspondents’ dinner last month, Kim was subjected to a number of death threats by Justin’s fans. Hopefully, Kim will be free from Twitter attacks after her recent photo with Justin is spread around on the internet.


Course I had to enhance her picture to see how big her smile was and guess what?

it’s HUGE!



Justin Bieber is only 16 years old. But a little thing like age won’t keep this international pop star from partying until all hours at a popular nightclub.

On Saturday night, Justin was out at Club Rush, dancing and mingling with fans. But the “Baby” singer wasn’t doing anything illegal. Club Rush, as clarified by Justin on his Twitter page, is the teen club for the Atlantis.

Justin solicited fans to come out and see him on Saturday night. It didn’t take long for people to begin questioning Justin’s attendance at a nightclub. But he set the record straight stating: “just checked my twitter…see u guys are thinking i’m in a real club. Club Rush is the TEEN club at the Atlantis. we are just having fun.”

Although Justin wasn’t drinking or participating in anything illegal, he is still suffering the consequences this morning. Justin announced that he is on vocal rest for the time being. Perhaps the teen singing sensation should take it easy for a while.