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UPDATE: Click here to watch Justin’s interview on The View June 23, 2011.

The teen singer will also join the co-hosts during the “Hot Topics” segment on Thursday’s show.

Justin Bieber is returning for The View for the third time.

On Thursday’s show, the 17-year-old singer will take part in the “Hot Topics” segment with co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd for the first segment of the show.

Bieber’s appearance on The View is to promote his new fragrance Someday.

In addition, Bieber and Hasselbeck will be competing in a Segway scooter race on set.



On Thursday, Rolling Stone said it had made an editing error that included an incomplete quote from the teen star.

On its website, the magazine said the full quote was: “Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.”

Rolling Stone reporter Vanessa Grigoriadis, who came under fire in some quarters for asking the teen about abortion in the first place, defended her line of questioning Thursday on Twitter.

“A 16 year old kid, to be 17 in a couple weeks, who has control over a large population should be asked all questions,” she tweeted.

Grigoriadis attempted to interpret Bieber’s comments in an interview with gossip site PopEater.

“I think he meant that God has a plan,” she told PopEater.

“Even for the most die-hard Christian, it’s hard to justify rape as part of God’s plan, and harder to justify rape that leads to pregnancy and abortion. I think he was wrestling with that in his answer, which I found to be solid and logical. I think it is being widely misunderstood. He did not say that rape was part of God’s plan.”


“A 16 year old who has control over a large population should be asked all questions.” Really?

This Vanessa Grigoriadis must be really bright. What kind of journalist asks a 16 year old about abortion, sex, AND politics? (Seems to me like she had planned on asking him these loaded questions on purpose.) She then publishes a misquote making the poor guy look like a retard and now all the media is reporting that Justin thinks rape is part of God’s plan and therefore a person who is raped must keep the baby. No adult celebrity wants to be questioned about abortion. Justin is 16! ARgghhh!!

Just go away already. You ain’t Barbara Walters and Justin isn’t Obama.

Speaking of Barbara Walters, look how heated the conversation got this morning on the topic.

And for the record let me say that this is one thing I don’t agree with Justin on. I think a woman should have the right to have an abortion. It doesn’t mean that you should abort and I know there are probably a few that abuse that right. But if a woman does not have the right to make decisions about her own body then we will never see a day when men and women would be seen as equals. It’s not about life or death because we can’t exactly determine that in a fetus but it’s about a woman’s human rights.


Justin shouldn’t be teaching Baba Wawa how to dougie. She’s 81 years old. :0


What did I tell you guys? He is really itching to change his hairstyle.


On the eve of JB being featured as one of Baba Wawa’s “10 Most Fascinating People” where he discusses his kiss with Jasmine V, here is his interview on Baba’s Sirius Satellite radio program back in March where he again is asked about girls and dating.

This is a subject that will hound JB every time he is interviewed. It’s not fair for him when you really think of it because you don’t usually see adults being asked these personal questions all the time. Must get annoying after a while.

OMG Justin Bieber kissing new girlfriend Jasmine Villegas

International 16-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber, discussing the kiss he laid on tour opener and “Baby” co-star Jasmine Villegas. The smooch was caught by a photographer and the picture circulated quite a bit, which is one of the many aspects that made Bieber one of the “10 Most Fascinating People of 2010,” the special hosted by Barbara Walters that will be airing this Thursday night (December 9). When Walters pushed Bieber about the photos and asked whether or not he was currently dating Villegas, he simply said, “It’s just a kiss.”

A few months ago, Bieber talked about the difficulty of maintaining any kind of relationship at the moment. “I mean, girlfriends are trouble at this age,” he told MTV News. “Girls are fun to hang out with but, like, having that one steady girl … we’re constantly traveling and one girl’s not gonna really [work]. You can’t really have one girl. I don’t really have any crushes at the moment. … Right now, the best thing is [that we’re] just teenagers having fun doing what we love. We’re just staying ourselves and remaining humble.”

Bieber joins Sarah Palin, the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” new “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez, comeback actress Betty White, princess-to-be Kate Middleton, Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and controversial professional basketball star LeBron James as the rest of the most fascinating people of the year.


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Justin Bieber gets interviewed backstage at the Izod Arena in New Jersey for Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010.

The hour-long TV special highlights some of the year’s most prominent names in entertainment, sports, politics and pop-culture. (Sarah Palin is also one of the other Top Ten.)

Last night, Bieber won four awards at the 2010 American Music Awards, including the top prize Artist of the Year.

Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010 airs on Thursday (December 9) @ 10-11PM on ABC!


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