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justin bieber dyed his hair movie 2012

Well there’s no denying it now. Justin was spotted with Selena leaving a friend’s house yesterday and it is obvious that Justin has dyed his hair a much darker color. But why?

I’ve been getting a few messages from several readers who claims that the reason behind Justin’s new hair color is for the filming of the new basketball drama movie with Mark Walhberg. This is not too surprising since Justin was just at the Paramount 100th Anniversary party 2 days ago and Paramount also happens to be the movie company that is making the basketball movie.

If this is true then JB’s got a really busy schedule having to both produce a new album and film a movie at the same time. Justin has said that his new album “Believe” should be out February or March and Scooter said it should be summer at the earliest. If the filming of the movie has indeed started then it seems that Scooter is probably the one that is right. Guess we might have to wait longer for the new album.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber with dyed hair spotted leaving a friend

Wow both of their poses are so fierce!