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Justin Bieber's customized Batmobile Cadillac gets pulled over in Kitchener, Canada. Witnesses say his father Jeremy was driving.

If any car should hold the record of “Most Pulled Over Car in the World” it should be Justin’s Batmobile.

JB has only had the car for 2 months but it’s been pulled over many times. And it’s happened again! But this time in…..Canada?

It’s been reported that Justin’s Pull-me-over-mobile has been pulled over today but this time it’s in Kitchener, Ontario. And Justin wasn’t even the driver. So who got pulled over in Justin’s car and why is his car in Canada when it’ always been in Los Angeles?

Jeremy Bieber was driving his son’s customized CTS-V Cadillac coupe, which is matte black and comes complete with “Batman” emblazoned across its trunk and the superhero’s symbol on its grill, when he drew some unexpected attention Friday afternoon.

Witnesses watched a Waterloo Regional Police officer pull over Bieber senior, but police could not confirm whether a member of the Stratford family was stopped on Manitou Drive in the famously tricked-out vehicle.

Los Angeles is so far away from Kitchener. I doubt the car went all that way for nothing. If I had to guess I would say Justin has just given Jeremy his Batmobile. Would be a swag Christmas present. It only makes sense. If it’s true then Jeremy should get used to getting pulled over.


Justin heading out of Spago restaurant last night in his Batmobile after taping X-Factor earlier in the day.

justin bieber batmobile pulled over police

TMZ has just reported that Justin got pulled over again today in Los Angeles.

Cops say he performed an illegal maneuver in his swagged out “Batmobile” ride. They said he made an “unsafe left turn” at an L.A. intersection. Luckily Justin was let off with a warning after he promised to be more careful in the future.

This is not the first time Justin has been pulled over by cops while driving the customized Cadillac, he was pulled over back in October after cutting off a California Highway Police officer. He got a warning that time too.

After that incident he was on Jay Leno where he said that when the cop pulled him over he asked “Do you know why I pulled you over?” and Justin answered “Because you like my car?” LMAO!

justin bieber car cadillac batmobile

Justin meets with Ryan of West Coast Customs to order his ‘Batmobile’ and later he is presented with the results. And guess what? He got the car absolutely free! The suicide doors look really cool.

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justin bieber baylor dog batmobile

Pop sensation Justin Bieber sat down with “Extra’s” Maria Menounos to shed some light on those photos of him standing next to his Batmobile. The Biebs explained, “Those pictures weren’t from me getting pulled over.”

The teen star, who has a custom-made Cadillac resembling the Batmobile, was reportedly pulled over last week after cutting off a CHP officer, but was let go with just a warning. Bieber said he decided to go with the Batman theme because “I liked the idea. I just wanted it to be a Batmobile. It looked like it, so I put on the symbols and everything.”

The 17-year-old also set the record straight on adopting a dog, saying, “No, it’s false,” adding that he has no idea how the gossip gets started. “I dunno, people make stuff up.”

Although it’s only Halloween, Justin is already getting into the holiday spirit with his Christmas album, “Under the Mistletoe.” One of the songs featured on the album is Mariah Carey’s tune, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Bieber, who chose to sing the song in the same pitch as Mariah, said, “I wasn’t going to change her song because it’s a classic, so I had to sing it really high.”

Bieber was also up for a little ping-pong challenge with Menounos, but before taking the paddle, had a special message for his fans. “My Christmas album is coming out… it’s called ‘Under the Mistletoe,’ make sure to get it tomorrow Nov. 1.”