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Justin Bieber – Beauty and a Beat [Lyrics with Music]

[IntroAnnotate: Nicki Minaj]
Yeah, Young Money, Nicki Minaj, Justin

[Verse 1: Justin Bieber]
Show you off, tonight I wanna show you off
What you got, a billion could’ve never bought

[Pre-Hook: Justin Bieber]
We gonna party like it’s 3012 tonight
I want to show you all the finer things in life
So just forget about the world, we young tonight
I’m coming for ya, I’m coming for ya

[Hook: Justin Bieber]
Cause all I need is a beauty and a beat
Who can make my life complete
It’s all ’bout you, when the music makes you move
Baby do it like you do

[Verse 2: Justin Bieber]
Body rock, girl, I can feel your body rock
Take a bow, you’re on the hottest ticket now



[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]
In time, ink lines, bitches couldn’t get on my incline
World tours, it’s mine, ten little letters on a big sign
Justin Bieber, you know I’mma hit ’em with the ether
Buns out, weiner, but I gotta keep an eye out for Selener
Beauty, beauty and the beast
Beauty from the East, beautiful confessions of the priest
Beast, beauty from the streets, beat will get deceased
Every time Beauty on the beat

[Break: Justin Bieber (Nicki Minaj)]
Body rock, girl, I wanna feel your body rock
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, Let’s go, Let’s go)