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justin bieber adidas neo photoshoot picture 2013

As you can tell I’m trying to bring this site back up. Due to some personal reasons I could not put in the time needed to run this site like I used to so I decided to just stop entirely. Please have patience with me. I will try my best.

The video above is a behind-the-scenes of Justin’s Adidas NEO Spring Summer 2013 Photoshoot. It was released last week and I wanted to post it here for those that haven’t seen it yet. He is looking hawt in the vid.

justin bieber boyfriend behind the scenes

The video is coming out later today.

I was asked by some people where you can watch the video. If you’re in the USA watch it on MTV First at 7:50PM Eastern (or 4:50PM Pacific). Right after that I’m sure Vevo will post it right away on Justin’s Vevo channel. So if you can’t watch it on MTV then just wait for Vevo.

And I’ll also post the video here on the site when I find it.


Justin Bieber on Seventeen Magazine Cover for May 2012

Justin is back on the cover of Seventeen Magazine for the month of May. The pictures are coming up but here’s what you’ll find inside the magazine and some behind-the-scene footage of the photoshoot….

On his Role Model

“Usher is who I look to for guidance. From the beginning, he told me to put family first and you’ll always succeed, because your family will never leave you. He told me to always stay humble and never forget where I came from.”

Growing Up with his Fans

“A lot of times, when artists grow older, they lose their younger fans because they’re just trying to get older fans. But if you try to make good music, then you’ll just appease everybody. I just want to make music that’s good for everybody.”

On his Romantic Dates with Girlfriend, Selena Gomez

“I’m just trying to make her happy, that’s all. I think it’s important to make all women feel like they’re princesses, because every girl is a princess. I’m serious.”

On what scares him the most

“Losing a family member is my biggest fear. I’ve never lost anyone, so I don’t know what the feeling would be. It would just be scary.”

Waste Not, Want Not

“Recently, there were so many things in my rider that went to waste, so I took a lot of things off my rider. Every day we were buying all this stuff and it was just sitting there. I got rid of it, I didn’t want to waste all the food.”

So hot!


Its out! Download it from iTunes here now.

justin bieber complex photoshoot cover 2012

Justin Bieber Complex Magazine Photoshoot Cover

Now this is what I call a photoshoot. As popular as Justin’s V Magazine Photoshoot is, I honestly thought it was boring and didn’t make sense but this Complex Magazine photoshoot is so much better. Artistic and fun! And even beaten up with blood JB still looks hot. lol. Justin did the cover for the magazine’s 10th year anniversary. You can read the really long article here.

justin bieber never say never 2011


Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the work that went into setting up Justin’s Never Say Never premiere in Los Angeles.