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Justin Bieber has big dreams. He’s got a big heart. And now he reveals he has something else that’s also big. Really BIG!

Bieberconda is a word we can all understand but up until now most people had no idea why fans call JB’s thingie “Jerry”. And now we know.

Apparently 29 years old Jerry Sokoloski is a 7ft 5in basketball player and the tallest man in Canada. Get the picture? Big!! Really big!!! lol

Asked if he measured up, Justin bragged:

“Yep! The fans named my penis Jerry, which is funny. Why Jerry? Um… Jerry was actually the largest man.”

Did Justin just say he has a very big penis? Yes! 😉
There you have it people! Jerry is GIGANTIC!! lmao


Yesterday Alfredo found out about the Bieberconda and he wrote about it.


Didn’t go on twitter yesterday. Was taking care of my mom after her surgery. Get home, get on and the first thing I see is… #Ilovebieberconda continue reading