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HaHa ha. If the biggest thing that Beliebers don’t know about Justin is that he wears Invisalign then i feel so honored for telling you that JB wears Invisalign to straighten his teeth on February 18, 2011. *bow*


Chance the Rapper has been named Spin Magazine’s “Rapper of the Year”.


This is the clip from yesterday’s interview on Power106 where Justin mentions he’s going to retire from music.

I don’t think we need to take it seriously. We don’t see the full interview and if we did we would probably see that he was just joking. If Justin made a retirement announcement he would have tweeted something about it after the interview. No worries people.

UPDATE: See? He’s just joking.


Justin confirms on Power106 that All That Matters is written about Selena Gomez when they were still together because she’s all that mattered 🙁

Think that’s why Selena was upset once the pics of Cailin Russo & Justin came out on the set of the All That Matters music video?

Listen to the lyrics again.


OMG!! Justin is doing a live interview for Power106 in a few hours and he’ll be premiering the rest of the songs in “Journals“!! 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern time.

Be sure to watch Justin Bieber hang out with Big Boy’s Neighborbood. He will premiere 5 new songs on his new album. Come watch the interview this Tuesday at 7am PST. Remember this is a live stream, anything can happen.

Here is the link to watch the interview live.

Flashback from 2 years ago:
I stopped breathing through the whole thing. He’s so good!

justin biebers big boys neighborhood interview july 2012

Justin stops by Power106 Big Boy’s Neighborhood to talk a bit about his new album.

Big Boy challenges Justin to taze Louie G! The pain that Justin Bieber brings to Louie G on Power 106 is priceless.