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justin bieber cheating on selena gomez

Man I’ve been getting a lot of emails on this subject. It’s a rumor that must be going around a lot. The rumor is supposed JB has a secret girlfriend. I can’t remember her name exactly but I think it starts with Daisy an A. (Annie? something like that?).

Well I don’t believe it’s true. I think he really loves Selena and he’s not the type to cheat. But since there’s not much news today I thought I’d post something I came across that raised my eyebrows. Could it be JB? Maybe, but probably not….

Singer’s Girlfriend Is Taking A Break

[CDAN ]This A list boyish singer is having some relationship difficulties right now. Turns out that his B- list actress/ singer girlfriend had more on her mind than just having sex the past two weeks and he just does not get it. So, he has quietly found someone else until his girlfriend his ready to resume. She might not be though.

“A list” and “boyish” singer? “B- actress / singer”? Maybe there’s another teen celebrity couple that could fits these clues? According to the comments everyone thinks it’s the Biebz & Selena Gomez. Your thoughts?