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Fernanda-Paes-justin-bieber-argentina-zax-night-clubThere were a lot of girls that night at Zax Club in Rio de Janeiro but allegedly the one that caught Justin’s eyes was Fernanda Paes.

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justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-07Wow this South American leg of the Believe Tour is turning out to be one to remember. Justin has officially been charged by the police in Brazil for painting graffiti in Rio de Janeiro illegally.

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Thank god!

I knew there would something strange about the video posted yesterday of the girl filming Justin in his hotel room. The strange thing about it is seeing his red hat beside him on the bed. I won’t go into details.

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justin-bieber-sleeping-prostitute-braziljustin-bieber-prosititute-hookerA new video has hit the net and it is indeed a very strange one.

Titling it “Justin Bieber sleeping with prostitute in Brasil (REAL and ORIGINAL VIDEO)” doesn’t help make it any less strange.

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Remember this masterpiece that Justin painted on a graffiti wall in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil yesterday? You can see it below. It’s the red one right in the middle. Cute ain’t it?

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These were the pictures seen all around the world this past few days. Justin covering himself with a bed sheet to shield from the paparazzi as his bodyguards escort him to his car in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All the media outlets focused on the tattoos on his left arm to prove it was indeed Justin under there.

As a fan since the very beginning it was kinda confusing to be honest. My heart felt heavy. In a way it was hard to accept that the JB we’ve all grown to love as a 15 year old boy is now turning into an adult.

But the situation really didn’t make any sense because he of all people knows he would be photographed everywhere he goes. If he ever wanted anything there are always more private ways to get it. So how could Justin make such a mistake?

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justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-0 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-03 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-04 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-05 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-06 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-07 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-08 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-09 justin-bieber-graffiti-riodejaneiro-brazil-nov-2013-10