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Justin Bieber’s pubes revealed in Cabo, Mexico Jan 7, 2012

WoooooW!! BIEBERGASMSMSMSMSMS!! Yesterday while on the beach in Cabo, Mexico Justin happened to pull his shorts too low while running revealing maybe too much and the paparazzi was right there to get the shot.

Is it hot or are you offended (it doesn’t show anything!). Your thoughts?

justin bieber shirtless 2012 mexico beach
justin bieber shirtles 2012 cabo mexico

Justin Bieber shirtless in Cabo, Mexico Jan 7, 2012

Justin pictured here taking a shirtless stroll on the beach in Mexico today (Jan 7, 2012) with no Selena in sight. And this is not confirmed but I think the reason they are in Cabo again this time is for pure rest and relaxation. Last month they didn’t get to relax as they were there for a friend’s wedding. This time it’s a real vacation. I wonder where Selena is?

justin bieber sexy 2012 shirtless beach

Justin Bieber shirtless in Cabo, Mexico Jan 7, 2012

Justin Bieber shirtless in Cabo, Mexico Jan 7, 2012


Well looks like Cabo didn’t exactly turn out to be Hawaii 2.0. More like Malibu 2.0.

While waiting for Selena’s friend’s wedding Justin and Selena hit up the beach on Wednesday Dec 7 for some more time in the sun in Cabo Mexico. Jet-skiing. A bit of kissing. But nowhere close to Hawaii where they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Or lips.

This reminds of me the new movie “Saving Forever For You” starring Justin and Selena. LOL. More pics here.