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justin bieber kissing jasmine villegasJustin Bieber kissing Jasmine Villegas

caitlin beadles selena gomez

The Los Angeles police department got a search warrant against someone who was after Caitlin Beadles, someone who wanted to skin her alive! And she’s only 14 years old.

According to the warrant someone went on Tumblr using the name KILLSGANDCB (we’re guessing it means kill Selena Gomez and Caitlin Beadles). The perp said she was going to “murder” Beadles and had cameras trained on her 24/7, promising the victim won’t know what’s coming until she “wakes up on the other side of her bed with a knife.”

The suspect is a 14-year-old girl who lives in Kentucky who is developmentally disabled. We’re told Los Angeles detectives contacted her mother, who is now closely watching over her internet activities.

Meanwhile, Selena’s alleged stalker, Thomas Brodnicki, remains in jail on felony stalking charges and cops say he’s a real threat to her.


Christian Beadle’s voice is changing post image


It’s not just his voice that’s changing, he looks really different now too!


Looks like someone’s turning into a hottie.

For those of you who are new Beliebers (and I mean really really new), Christian is one of Justin’s best friends and is the younger brother of Justin’s ex-girlfriend in Atlanta, Caitlin Beadles.

Justin Bieber only likes Cougars like Selena and Caitlin

Justin Bieber has said that he could never consider dating actress Hailee Steinfeld because there is too much of an age gap between the pair.

Bieber met the True Grit star while they presented an award together at this month’s Golden Globes.

Talk show host Jay Leno questioned Bieber about their meeting during the teenager’s recent appearance on The Tonight Show.

“She’s really nice and really talented,” Bieber said. “I think she’s cute.”

However, when pressed by the host about his affection for Steinfeld, Bieber insisted that he was too old for the actress.

“She’s 14, I’ll be 17 in less than a month,” Bieber said.

Bieber was appearing on the show to promote his new film Never Say Never, due to be released in cinemas on February 11.


I thought so. Justin seems to really like the older ones.

caitlinbeadles justinbieber

Justin Bieber’s only true official ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Beadles is in the hospital, and rumors are running rampant that a crazed fan put her there. The rumor mill, which follows the teen dream like a swarm of hungry locusts, is claiming Beadles was stabbed by a girl whose case of Bieber fever had reached near fatal proportions. So far there is no evidence to substantiate those claims. Beadles’s hospital admission seems to have resulted from natural causes.

According to Lombok Medianet, Beadles, an aspiring actress, was suddenly afflicted with “some breathing difficulties last night,” and rushed to the hospital. While “no (other) details have been given so far for her ailment,” her condition had nothing to do with a stabbing or any other kind of physical altercation or attack. Fortunately, “it appears that Caitlin Beadles is doing much better today after her medical scare.”

It is also fortunate that Beadles’s medical problems had nothing to do with some unstable young girl’s obsession with Justin Bieber. The fact that these truly horrifying rumors spread like wildfire and seemed absolutely believable to many is an indication of how much emotion many young women have invested in the fantasy of someday having a relationship with Justin Bieber. The Biebs is the The Teen Dream (of the moment) and all, but maybe a little reality check is in order. Just because Beadles–or any other young woman for that matter–has dated Justin Bieber “shouldn’t make her a target for the star’s enthusiastic young fans. It’s time for the young girls to just settle down and accept the fact that the singer may just have a life off-stage.”

Shouldn’t the Bieb’s true fans, i.e. those who really care about him be happy to see him happy in his off-stage life? Or have things already gone too far? Is is time for parents to intervene and get some Bieber Fever fans some help?

What do you think?


Justin, Caitlin, and Christian Beadles – Alors On Dance [Fan Video]


Justin Bieber’s ex-GF Caitlin Beadles driving his Range Rover.

From Madison: They are still rumored to like each other, but they keep it a secret. Leaving the DMV.. Everyone swarmed their car, it’s sweet that he let’s her drive his car 🙂

Caitlin Beadles drive Justin Bieber around in his Range Rover
Caitlin Beadles drive Justin Bieber around in his Range Rover

Hmmmm, I wonder how Jasmine feels about this. Jealous?

The reason I ask this is because I think those pics of them kissing in the back of the Honda are real. Why do I think this? Because if it wasn’t true then Chaz would have defended JB during that fight on Twitter. Instead he only defended Caitlin and didn’t come to Justin’s defense at all when the pics were brought up.

Know what I’m saying? Or is it just me?

Feel free to tell us what you think.

UPDATE: Justin Bieber buys a new car: Project Khan Range Rover