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justin-bieber-house-party-calabasasJustin is currently home in Calabasas as he takes a small break from the Believe Tour. Over the weekend he invited 100 people over for a party and the neighbour who had previously accused JB of spitting on him wasn’t invited.

The neighbour called the police at 1am and reported that it was too noisy. The cops came and told Justin to keep the noise down and left.

The neighbour wouldn’t let it go so at 3am he called the cops again. The police once again came, apparently told the neighbour they could smell weed inside the house (which is to be expected because Snoop Dog was in da house!) but they left without any incident.

The neighbour wasn’t having it and at 5:30am calls the police again and told them he would file a police report against Justin for disturbing the peace.

“The cops will write a full report and then decide whether to send it on the L.A. County DA for possible prosecution.”

They are not going to prosecute him for a random party. First thing is Justin doesn’t have parties all the time for this to be a police concern and secondly if police start prosecuting every time someone complains about a party in Los Angeles, California then they better be ready to get A LOT of phone calls in the future. Ain’t gonna happen.

Also at the party was Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather, and Poppa Biebs:

justin-bieber-spy-underwear-house-04 justin-bieber-spy-underwear-house-03 justin-bieber-underwear-house-02

justin-bieber-underwear-house-01Wow, invasion of privacy much?

Justin was spied on today (November 14, 2013) from a helicopter at his Calabasas home in California.

See: Pictures of Justin Bieber’s new house in Calabasas April 2012

justin bieber house police june 2013

Police were at Justin’s Calabasas gated community The Oaks today but they weren’t there to see Justin.

Instead they were there to take in a complaint by one of JB’s neighbours about his friends speeding in the streets yesterday. You can watch the video here: Justin’s New Friends Must Go.

To add to Justin’s problems, E!News is reporting that an emergency homeowner’s association meeting has been called to deal with the problems they’ve been having with Justin and his friends in the last 6 months.

The meeting takes place this Monday.

justin bieber calabasas reckless driving

At this time the city of Los Angeles is still deciding whether to charge Justin for reckless driving.

If you haven’t been following the story….

A couple of weeks ago Justin was accused of speeding recklessly in his gated community in Calabasas, the same neighborhood where Paris Jackson lives. 2 witnesses, NFL players Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson, have said they witnessed Justin behind the wheel of the car but as Keyshawn approached the car to confront Justin at Justin’ garage, he claimed Justin changed seats with Tyler the Creator at the last minute so as to not get caught. Tyler claimed he was behind the wheel the whole time. The main concern was that not that the car was speeding but that this was a dangerous stunt because there were children present.

Since the incident Justin’s legal team had submitted a security video taken from Justin’s home that they say proves JB was not the driver. The video shows Justin getting off a motorcycle, then getting into the Ferrari and parking it in his garage.

The police ain’t buying it. They say the video does not prove that Justin was not the person behind the wheel during the speeding. The investigation is still going on and a decision has not been made whether to charge Justin.

All I can say is that no matter what happens I would really like to see Justin get rid of these new friends. I do not like Tyler the Creator and Lil Twist. They’re bad news and are using JB for his money. They need to get a job and just get lost.

And where’s Ryan and Chaz when you need them?

selena gomez justin bieber calabasas commonds 2012

Most of you probably already know this bit of news already while I was away from Belieberland but I think it’s important to make a post on it.

On Sunday, May 27, 2012 Justin and Selena went to the Calabasas Commons to watch a movie. On their way out of the parking lot a photographer blocked their van from leaving. Justin repeated asked the guy to move aside but the paparazzi refused. A frustrated JB then got out of the van they were in and got into an argument with the paparazzi.

The two exchanged words and Justin got really mad. Selena tried to calm him down. What happens next is still unclear but the paparazzi claims that Justin hit him in the face and chest. When the police and paramedics arrived on the scene Justin and Selena had already left.

A lawyer who happened to be at the scene went up to the paparazzi afterwards and told him he could make a lot of money from the Biebz and advised him to call for an ambulance and file a police report, which was what he ended up doing.

Now prosecutors want to speak to Justin and Selena to get their side of the story. If Justin is charged and convicted of criminal battery he could go to jail for 6 months.

I think this whole story is kinda ridiculous. Yes photographers have the right to take pictures but they do not have a right to block people’s cars. There really needs to be a paparazzi law in California. Papz are known to try to cause shit to get celebs all worked up and mad so they can get their money shot. The more mad the celebs look in the picture the more money they get.

But don’t worry. I don’t think anything will happen to JB. I’m sure there’s enough witnesses around to testify that the pap refused to move out of the way provoking Justin to get mad.

Justin will be interviewed once he gets back from Europe. He’s currently in Norway.

Pictures from that day here.

justin bieber’s new house mansion calabasas

These are exclusive pictures inside Justin Bieber’s new house that he just bought a couple of weeks ago. Did I call it a house? I meant MANSION! It’s in Calabasas which is right by Los Angeles and lots of celebrities live there, including the Kardashians. It was originally listed for $7.5 million but Justin talked it down to $6 million. The 9,000-square foot home features 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 6 fireplaces, a wine cellar, outdoor pool, theatre room and even an elevator. Yes ELEVATOR! %&@#^*$#(@$ And JB doesn’t have to worry about all his cars because he now has 6 car garages. That alone is bigger than most people’s house.

And he’s only 18. God it’s good to be Justin Bieber. More pics in the here.