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“My fans are a little inappropriate.”

True. Guilty as charged. But we can’t help it. You’re such a tease.

Oh and it looks like Siva’s planning to hit Justin’s balls back:

justin bieber cute picture 2012 london april

OMG what can I say? Here’s Justin today outside Capital FM radio station revealing his red hot underwear for everyone to see. Do you think his thumb accidently lifted his shirt up? 🙂 Well if you know Justin as well as I do then I’m sure you know it was probably no accident. He’s probably trying to tease us fans because it’s happened many times before. Like any other teenage boy with raging hormones Justin is very sexual. If you haven’t noticed it then here’s just a few examples of what I’m talking about:

He knows exactly what he’s doing 😉 to us! Maybe one day Jerry Bieber will make an appearance! lol


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Jerry is his Bieberconda 😉